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Maryam Rajavi’s fight against fundamentalism

By INU Staff

INU- The people of Iran are currently suffering under a fundamentalist government, which acts as a model for other fundamentalist groups to follow and has become the number one source for terrorism and war in the Middle East and around the world. However, there is a great solution to the Iranian regime and the problems that they cause, which is increasing support for Maryam Rajavi and the Iranian Resistance.

French action against Iran is “appropriate and necessary”

By INU Staff

INU - President-elect of the Iranian Resistance Maryam Rajavi has called the October 2 joint statement by France’s interior, foreign and economy ministers, “an appropriate and necessary response” to the Iranian Regime’s acts of terror of French soil.

Regime corruption

By INU Staff

INU - Last week, Donald Trump told the UN General Assembly that the Iranian people are “rightly outraged” at their rulers who have “embezzled billions of dollars from Iran’s treasury, seized valuable portions of the economy, and looted the people’s religious endowments, all to line their own pockets and send their proxies to wage war”.

Iranian Regime will likely fall soon

By INU Staff

INU - Iran watchers observe that the Iranian Regime will likely fall soon, given the pressures of US sanctions, the people’s uprising, and even modernity. Many hope that the Regime will soon fall and the people will be free.

 Regime change in Iran

By INU Staff

INU -Rudy Giuliani said this weekend that regime change in Iran is basically US policy already and that it should be.

General Charles "Chuck" Wald has suggested that we are witnessing the "beginning of the end" for Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

By INU Staff

INU - Former Deputy Commander of United States European Command, General Charles "Chuck" Wald has suggested that we are witnessing the "beginning of the end" for iranan's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Iran Protests 2018

Free Iran 2018 Gathering - 30 June 2018 - Villepinte, Paris

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