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Iranian Regime Official Acknowledges that Repression May Not be Working

By Iran News Update Staff  

On July 13, Iran’s Fars News Agency, a conservative outlet associated with the Revolutionary Guards Corps, quoted MortezaMoghtadaei as saying the Islamic Republic’s policy of flogging and imprisonment has been ineffective at enforcing the mandatory veiling of women throughout the country. Moghtadaei is a high ranking cleric and a member of the Assembly of Experts, the Iranian government organization that appoints and advises the supreme leader.

Maryam Rajavi condemned savage attacks against Palestinian people and supported efforts by President Mahmoud Abbas for an immediate ceasefire

Call on international community to act to end the bombing and shelling of innocent citizens

strongly condemned the bombing of innocent Palestinian people, especially the women and children, by Israel and offered the sympathy and condolences of the Iranian people and Resistance to President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian people, and the wounded and the bereaved families. 

Following the ruthless bombing of Shujaia in Gaza, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, once again She called for urgent action by the international community to stop the massacre and the attacks against civilians and to end the bombing and shelling.

Mrs. Rajavi supported efforts by President Mahmoud Abbas to reach at an immediate ceasefire and noted: The war in Gaza in the present circumstances benefits the religious fascism ruling Iran since it overshadows its atrocities in Syria and Iraq and it disrupts the project to end the division of Palestine and the establishment of a national unity government that is to the great detriment of the Iranian regime.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

July 20, 2014




Procrastination and haggling in nuclear negotiations is the routine for the mullahs, who understand nothing but firmness

Iranian resistance takes position on extension of nuclear talks.

Procrastination and haggling in nuclear negotiations is the routine for the mullahs, who understand nothing but firmness.

In light of the regional situation, Khamenei wants to maintain the nuclear structure and capability to acquire the bomb

•The international community must pursue the full implementation of the UN Security Council’s resolutions by the clerical regime

Khamenei’s Boast and Iran’s Crackdowns

INU- The Iranian propaganda network Press TV reports that Supreme Leader Khamenei told his officials on Monday that the United States is restraining Israel from attacking Iran because “it does not see the attack affordable.” In line with earlier Revolutionary Guard statements boasting of Iran’s impossible military capability, Khamenei added, “we also emphasize that a military attack on the Islamic Republic is not affordable for anyone.”

Youth Strongly Represented at International Iranian Gathering

INU - A political movement can count itself very lucky if it motivates the youth to participate. In nations around the world, the success of candidates and causes, particularly liberal ones, is often determined by the extent of youth turnout at the ballot box, at the rally, or in the streets.

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