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Hunger Strike Update from Camp Liberty
Hunger striker health conditions continue to worsen as they approach the 50th day of no food.  Earlier this week a female hunger striker was rushed to the hospital to treat several health complications. Her determination and loyalty to the cause remains, however her health is rapidly declining. She is suffering from severe chest pains and she is semi-unconscious. Doctors report that her legs are cold and her heart pulse is irregular. She is dehydrated and there are signs of a disorder in her electrolytes.

NCRI - The hunger strike by hundreds of Iranian opposition members in Camp Liberty, Iraq, that has began on September 1 after the massacre and mass execution at Camp Ashraf and kidnapping 7 residents by Iraqi forces, enters its eight week.

At an international conference in Paris this weekend, a former U.S. Attorney General, a former Chairman of the Republican National Committee and a firmer Canadian Justice Minister called on the Obama Administration to demand that the Iraqi government immediately release seven Iranian dissidents taken prisoner at Camp Ashraf in Iraq and to provide protection for all members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) who are now being housed at Camp Liberty, also in Iraq.

NCRI - Iraqi forces under command of Nouri al-Maliki have, in recent weeks, been preventing Iraqi merchants and buyers from going to Camp Liberty in order to purchase property in Camp Ashraf, the decades old residence of members of the People's Mojahedin Oranization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

NCRI - The hunger strike by Iranian dissidents in Camp Liberty in Iraq is on its 45th day. The protesters demand the release of seven residents taken hostage.

Call for expulsion of mullahs’ Intelligence and Qods agents from Europe and U.S. and disclosure of their actions
NCRI - October 13, 2013 - The arrest of a suspected Iranian spy and Qods Force terrorist in Tel Aviv airport has once again exposed the covert activities of the regime's agents operating outside Iran.

Iran Protests 2018

Free Iran 2018 Gathering - 30 June 2018 - Villepinte, Paris

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