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Statement by EPP/CD Group at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on the 7 hostages from Camp Ashraf
Strasbourg / 1 October 2013- The Group of the European People's Party of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (EPP/CD) strongly condemns the massacre carried out at Camp Ashraf on 1 September 2013 by Iraqi forces. The execution of 52 unarmed and defenseless Iranian dissidents, many handcuffed, is evidence of a crime against humanity. We are gravely concerned about the fate of seven PMOI members who were abducted during the attack.

NCRI - The US and European Union must suspend to Iraq in the wake of the Camp Ashraf massacre and capture of seven Iranian dissident hostages it is now holding in a prison near Baghdad, former American Congressman Patrick Kennedy has urged.

NCRI - The European Union must put pressure on Iraq to release the seven hostages taken captive during the Camp Ashraf massacre, a leading Finnish lawmaker has demanded.

Speech by Congressman Ted Poe of Texas in the U.S. House of Representatives
September 27, 2013 - Mr. Speaker, not all is well in the world. In the 21st century, there is still a fight that must be fought against those bent on killing innocent people.

Urgent need for EU, U.S. and UN to secure release of seven hostages of Ashraf and stationing at Camp Liberty of UNAMI observing team and UN Blue Helmets

Mullahs warn Government of Iraq: PMOI should get no money for its property
NCRI- According to reports from inside Iran, the terrorist Qods Force and clerical regime’s ambassador in Baghdad who is a commander of this force, are coordinating with the Iraqi Prime Ministry for the dispatch of torturers and interrogators from the Ministry of Intelligence and the revolutionary guards’ intelligence for the purpose of interrogating seven Ashraf residents taken hostage.


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