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MEPs also called for the release of seven members of the Iranian opposition¡ including six women¡ who were taken in a September raid on the Camp Ashraf refugee camp northeast of Baghdad.

On Wednesday October 9, that National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) hosted a live Twitter chat with special guest, Mohammad Mohaddessin. Mohaddessin, who serves as Chairman of NCRI’s Foreign Affairs Committee, responded to real-time questions about the attack on Camp Ashraf and the status of the seven hostages taken by the Iraqi government.   

Strasbourg- 10 October 2013
Press Release
This afternoon, 10 October 2013, The European Parliament, in its formal session in Strasbourg, adopted a resolution on “recent violence in Iraq” and strongly condemned “the attack on Camp Ashraf on 1st September 2013 by Iraqi forces which left 52 Iranian refugees dead and the abduction of 7 residents including 6 women who, as stated by High Representative Baroness Ashton, are believed to be held in Baghdad, and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.”

The Iranian Resistance calls for immediate arrest of IRGC Brigadier General Jafari Sahraroodi and for bringing him to justice
Mohammad Jafari Sahraroodi, chief of staff and advisor to IRGC Brigadier General Ali Larijani, head of mullahs’ majlis, who is accompanying Larijani at the Geneva’s inter parliamentary conference, is a professional terrorist and the murderer of the people of Kurdistan.

Those responsible for the massacre resort to ploys to undermine the investigations in a bid to evade consequences of their crime against humanity
NCRI - Reliable documents obtained from inside the Iranian regime which can be presented to any international court reveals that agents of Jamil Shemri, Head of the Diyala Police in Iraq has been ordered by Nouri al-Maliki and the Prime Ministry’s committee tasked with suppression of Camp Ashraf residents to offset an impartial and independent investigation of the crime against humanity which occurred in Camp Ashraf by stage shows and false reports produced by the so-called committee of investigation. 

Thousands of delegates representing Iranians living in Germany attending a convention in Berlin on Saturday declared their support for democratic change in Iran and called for the release of the seven Camp Ashraf residents taken hostage by Iraqi forces.


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