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What is Maryam Rajavi’s plan for a free Iran?

By INU Staff

INU- The mullahs in Iran are resorting to increasingly desperate measures to keep their shaky grasp on power as we approach the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Regime, but with increasing domestic unrest and international isolation it seems likely that they will be overthrown by the people and their organised resistance, led by Maryam Rajavi, before too long.

MEK Cyber Warriors Highlight Iranian People's Protests

By Mahmoud Hakamian

Members of Iranian opposition group the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) have been working diligently to spread information about the popular people’s uprising that is taking place in Iran.

The MEK explain why EU should expel Iran’s diplomats

By INU Staff

INU- Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok recently revealed the role that the Iranian Regime played in two assassinations that took place in 2015 and 2017 in the Netherlands. The Dutch Foreign Ministry said in a statement it had “strong indications that Iran was involved in the assassinations” but that it kept the matter hidden “in the interests of facilitating this common EU action against Iran”.

Further unrest on its way in Iran

By INU Staff

INU- The Iranian regime is in a deeply complicated situation and it appears there is no way out. The international community, in particular the United States, is exerting a great deal of pressure on the Iranian regime. The people in the countries in which the Iranian regime is meddling are also extremely angry and concerned about Iran’s malign acts that are causing devastation across the Middle East.

The Iran Regime’s War on the MEK

By Mahmoud Hakamian

The Iranian regime’s psychological war against the members of PMOI/MEK has ramped up, and is now turning family members against each other through threats, deception and bribery.

In an article published on January 17th in the Scottish newspaper, The National, MEK member Somayeh Mohammadi was interviewed.

MEK member bashes false claim that she is held hostage

By INU Staff

INU- The Iranian Regime and its cronies often try to paint their legitimate opposition, the People’s Mujahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI/MEK), as a cult that brainwashes its members and refuses to let them leave their Albanian headquarters.
Nothing could be further from the truth.

Iran Protests 2018

Free Iran 2018 Gathering - 30 June 2018 - Villepinte, Paris

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