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Iran: Uprising of Bakhtiari compatriots – No 4

Suppressive forces open fire on protesters in Dezful
People of Ezeh, Farsan and Masjed Solayman join their Bakhtiari compatriots
Today, Saturday, in demonstrations and clashes between suppressive forces and the people and the courageous youth of Dezful a number of people were severely battered, injured and arrested. Suppressive forces in many sections of Dezful, including Modaress district, opened fire on the people and in turn people confronted them using the rooftops and clashed with them. Gunshots are heard from different districts of the city.

Iran: Uprising by Bakhtiari community- 3 - with 2 clips

Residents of Ahwaz and Andimeshk protest in solidarity with Bakhtiaris
The anti-regime protests in a number of Iranian cities which erupted following a state-run TV broadcast that offended the Bakhtiari community in Iran, spread to city of Ahwaz where the angry residents gathered outside the broadcaster's office chanting anti-regime slogans.

Street clashes of residents of Dezful with suppressive forces. Protestors chanted "Down with Khamenei, down with Rouhani"

Uprising by Bakhtiari community- 2
Street clashes of residents of Dezful with suppressive forces. Protestors chanted "Down with Khamenei, down with Rouhani"
This morning, Saturday, February 15, people of Dezful (southwest Iran) poured in streets in anti-government demonstration. Today's protest marked the third day of protests by residents of Dezful. The demonstrators clashed with suppressive and the anti-riot forces who had charged at the protesters.

Iran’s Bakhtiari community rally across the country Mrs. Rajavi emphasizes insults against Bakhtiari community is an insult against all of Iranian people, calling on all Iranians for solidarity against religious fascism ruling Iran

Following the broadcast of a TV series by the state-run broadcaster IRIB insulting the Iranian Bakhtiari community, a wave of protests engulfed a number of cities across the country on Thursday and Friday, particularly in the south and western cities including Dezful, Masjed-Soleyman, Farsan, Aligudarz, Doroud, Ize, Azna and Lali.

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