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NCRI - According to reports, seven residents of Camp Ashraf who were abducted during the massacre on September 1, have been transferred from Baghdad to al-Amara, southern Iraq, by helicopters of the Office of Prime Minister on Tuesday afternoon.

NCRI - Following the massacre and collective execution of Ashraf residents on September 1 by Iraqi forces under command of Maliki that resulted in the death of 52 PMOI members and abduction of seven, Iraqi forces have resorted to stealing and plundering Ashraf residents’ properties or destroying them.

NCRI- According to obtained information, seven Camp Ashraf residents who were taken hostage during the September 1 massacre in Camp Ashraf by the Iraqi forces, are held near Baghdad airport by the forces affiliated to the Iraqi Prime Minister's Office. The hostages have been on  hunger strike since their abduction.

New photos from the scene of Sept. 1st Camp Ashraf Massacre reveal inexplicable aspects of atrocities and brutalities committed by Maleki’s forces. The photos in this report belong to the camera of slain resident Saeed Saeedy who has captured the final moments of another slain resident, Hossein Madani, leading up to his summary execution by Maleki’s forces. Yet another proof of a massive crime

Urgent action for immediate release and return of seven hostages, deployment of blue helmets in Ashraf and Liberty, and independent international investigation to prevent recurrence of crime against humanity

Mohammad-Javad Zarif, Iranian regime’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, arrives in Baghdad. His trip to Baghdad is similar to that of Ghasem Soleimani, Commander of the terrorist Qds Force, on August 27. These trips both aim at two targets related to Syria and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI).


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