At the conference, Rep. Hakeem Jefferies delivered a speech in support of the Iranian people’s Resistance for a free, democratic and non-nuclear Iran. At the conference, delegates announced that supporters of House Resolution 374 condemning state-sponsored terrorism and supporting the Iranian people’s desire to establish a democratic, secular and non-nuclear republic had reached 110 representatives from both parties.

The resolution condemned the clerical regime’s terrorism in Europe and the US, in particular against the National Council of Resistance of Iran and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK-Iran) at the Free Iran Rally in Villepinte, near Paris in 2018, and the terrorist plot against the MEK members based in Albania. The resolution also called on governments to stop the destructive policy of diplomatic engagement with the mullahs and to close the regime’s embassies, including in Albania, and support the ten-point plan of Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi. Representatives who signed the bipartisan House Resolution 374 denounced the totality of the mullahs’ regime and the Shah’s dictatorship and stood with the Iranian people, stressing the Iranian people’s right to establish a democratic and secular republic.

The event was organized by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC).

House Resolution 374 “condemns past and present Iranian state-sponsored terrorist attacks against United States citizens and officials, as well as Iranian dissidents, including the Iranian regime’s terror plot against the “Free Iran 2018 – the Alternative” gathering in Paris.”

It “calls on relevant United States Government agencies to work with European allies, including those in the Balkans, where Iran has expanded its presence, to hold Iran accountable for breaching diplomatic privileges, and to call on nations to prevent the malign activities of the Iranian regime’s diplomatic missions, with the goal of closing them down, including the Iranian embassy in Albania.”

The lawmakers stand “with the people of Iran who are continuing to hold legitimate and peaceful protests against an oppressive and corrupt regime.”

The resolution “recognizes the rights of the Iranian people and their struggle to establish a democratic, secular, and non-nuclear republic of Iran.”

Speakers at the conference at the US Congress included:

· Hakeem Jeffries, member of the Democratic party

· Sheila Jackson Lee, Democratic vice-chancellor of Congress

· Paul Gosar, a Republican from Arizona

· William Lacy Clay, a Democrat from Missouri

· Blaine Luetkemeyer, Republican from Missouri

· Danny K. Davis, a Democrat from Illinois


Babak Dadvand, Member of the Board of Directors of Iranian Society in America, pointed out that Americans are focusing on terrorism and human rights issues over the past few years, which is why bipartisan support for House Resolution 374 has been on the rise in the US Congress. The US Congress has always been at the forefront of defending the rights of the Iranian people, he pointed out.

the issue that has occupied everyone’s minds is terrorism and brutality in Iran and around the world, which is governed and controlled by this regime, he added.

 Rep. Hakeem Jeffreys, Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus

It’s an honor and a privilege to be here, and I want to thank every one of you for your presence here today and certainly the work that you are undertaking. I represent the 8th Congressional District of New York. We certainly appreciate what you mean to a gorgeous mosaic of the city of New York as well as the country. And I certainly appreciate your fight for freedom and justice and equality. We stand with you as it relates to making sure that democracy is brought to Iran. We stand with you as it relates to the promotion of the rule of law. And freedom for all people. They should be allowed to be able to pursue their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. We stand with you as it relates to ensuring a nuclear-free Iran. And we stand with you as part of the effort to make sure that we can bring Iran back into the community of nations, consistent with the proud history of the Persian people. So, thank you for your presence. Thank you for your effort. Thank you for the fight. We’ll be with you every step of the way. God bless you.

 Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee

It is my privilege to be here and to really congratulate all the members that have come to stand with you. So many of you know that we have traveled this journey together as we fought for those who were suffering in camps in Iraq. We are still standing together, as we stood with mothers who could not find their children, could not hear from their family. And we stood with families whose family members were in camps and were suffering from cancer and couldn’t get treatment. But we all did this because we want a free and democratic Iran. And I want to thank you so very much for standing and continuing to stand.

I call her my sister and her ten points, the 10-points of liberation to finally arrive at the point where the people of Iran welcome democracy, freedom, and empowerment and the fair treatment of women. Persian history is history that would never be wiped out. It is a history with the tradition, I believe, of understanding the value of culture but also, as we move into the twentieth and twenty-first century, the value of embracing and welcoming all people. So, as you well know, I am an original co-sponsor of H.Res. 374 and we are well aware of the work that we still need to do.

I am saddened by where we are as a nation, the United States, and where we are in terms of engagement. But I want to see the people of Iran empowered. I want to see those who are fighting for democracy in power. And I would make the point that members of congress should be able to travel to Iran and meet with those who are fighting for democracy. And, as you well know, we have removed the unfair terrorist tag. All those years we fought so that we don’t have the terrorist label anymore for those who are fighting for democracy. We should be able to join you and go back to Iran, to meet up with those who are seeking the return of their brothers and sisters for a free and democratic Iran.

Let me thank you so very much as we are amid hearings and the midst of different fights here in the United States Congress. But I rushed past some of my friends. I going to give them a high five when I go back out. But it is because we are rushing around and I did not want to miss the opportunity to encourage you and to let you know my passion for visiting and being with a free and democratic Iran with my sisters and my sister, a great leader who now lives in France but is espousing democracy around the world.

Rep. Paul Gosar

Thank you for your attendance. Your support, your perseverance are all noted. You’re on the right side of history. It’s just gonna take perseverance. No questions can be asked about that. So I think it is a very important particularly at this time in history that we concentrate those efforts; one of those efforts being House Resolution 374 that calls out and condemns this application. We need to join with this administration. We need further to denounce and put additional actions against the Iranian regime so that the Iranian people can be returned to power to a free Iran. That is what we need to do. We need to be persevering. You have been that. You have followed the course of history. And I think history

will be kind to you as well. It is a movement that is just. It is right. And we need to see Iran return. Imagine what it would look like when regime change happens. Imagine. That should be our goal: Free Iran. thank you very much.

Rep. Danny Davis

You know our world right now is experiencing a tremendous amount of turmoil. Over the years, we’ve made tremendous progress in the movement towards freedom. Equal opportunity. Justice. And yet there seem to be many in our world that want to take us back. Want to take us back to yesteryear. Take us back to yesterday; and rather than moving forward, want to maintain the status quo. I believe that the only way that freedom ever exists is from a continuous struggle. That those who would profess our love for freedom, as Frederick Douglas once said, they want to be free but don’t necessarily want to do what’s necessary. So, I would just simply say to you: Often your tasks will be many. More than you think you can do. But set out every day that you wake up with faith in your heart. Inclined to your dreams come true. Often the roads would be rugged, and the heels unsurmountable too. But faith is a mover of mountains. There’s nothing that people cannot do. So start every day with faith in your heart and keep struggling, climbing, working, hoping and being unified. And I do believe that your dreams of freedom will ring true. Thank you so very much.

Rep. William Lacy Clay

As we gather in solidarity to support the Iranian people who still suffer oppression, intimidation, and violence under the boot of the corrupt terrorist regime in Tehran, I’m honored to co-sponsor House Resolution 374 which condemns Iranian state-sponsored terrorism and expresses strong support for the Iranian people’s desire for a free, democratic, secular and non-nuclear republic of Iran. We demand that refugees in the Iranian diaspora be free from the threat of violence and intimidation directed from Tehran and elsewhere. And that host countries make a maximum effort to protect them. We also urge free people around the world, stand up and oppose this criminal government which brutalizes opposition, oppresses women, criminalizes religious minorities and exists only because of fear and militarized corruption by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and other terrorist enablers of the current regime. Let me say that I fully support Mrs. Rajavi’s 10-point plan for a free, democratic Iran that once again returns to the family of nations, not as a terrorist state but as a bastion of culture, trade and higher achievement that is worthy of a proud history of the Persian people. The National Council of Resistance of Iran is the beating heart of freedom for the Iranian people. And I’m proud to support you here in Washington and back in Saint Louis as well. May it be God’s will that freedom, peace, and justice come soon. Thank you so very much.

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer said that he supports the activities of the Iranian democratic opposition. He pointed out that Iran has potential, but unfortunately those in power are not the right people to run the country.

The global press must report on the Iranian regime’s repression of its people and its nuclear program, he added.