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300 Iranian Communities Announce Their Support of Domestic Protests and MEK

Videoconference on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran PMOI-MEK and in support of Iranian people's struggle for freedom. justice, and equality—September 5, 2020

In an online conference on September 5, representatives of more than 300 Iranian communities across the globe announced their support for the domestic protests and uprisings to regime change in Iran.

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the founding of the main Iranian opposition the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI-MEK), Iranians announced their support of the leading opposition organization and its vast domestic network, known as resistance units.

Participants in the conference, which included three generations of Iranians, also called on rights organizations and activists for immediate intervention to free all political prisoners, particularly detainees of recent protests.

Badri Pourtabakh, Deputy Secretary-General of the PMOI-MEK at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

Badri Pourtabakh, Deputy Secretary-General of the PMOI/MEK

Our deepest respect and homage to the founders of this organization. They paved a new way in the history of our nation. The way of struggling against dictatorship and fundamentalism. Their names will forever shine in our history.

Our organization proved that the fundamentalists ruling Iran do not represent our nation and people. The PMOI/MEK is the continuation of 120 years of struggle for freedom in Iran. The MEK has stayed true to the tradition of the struggle for freedom and protected its legacy.

With the Resistance Units and ongoing uprisings in Iran, we will surely fulfill the dream of the Iranian people to achieve freedom and democracy.

We salute all our brothers and sisters who have lost their lives in this march to freedom.

Zahra Merrikhi, Secretary-General of the PMOI-MEK at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

Zahra Merrikhi, Secretary-General of the PMOI-MEK

“Despite the spread of the coronavirus, we are seeing each other virtually. But we cannot see another part of this gathering, namely our rebellious friends inside Iran, especially the enchained and imprisoned dissidents, and particularly, MEK members and sympathizers, as well as the brave Resistance Units who are resisting in the prisons regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei,” Ms. Merrikhi said in her speech.

Ms. Merrikhi underscored that the secret to the MEK’s success was that each member of the organization has chosen consciously and voluntarily to forego everything to overthrow the regime and to help the Iranian people achieve all they so desire.

Regarding the Iranian regime, Ms. Merrikhi said, “Khomeini’s ideology and the velayat-e faqih (supreme leader) have no other role than to enslave the people. 

PMOI-MEK members at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

“Look at the questions Khomeini’s ‘Death Commissions’ asked prisoners in 1988. Amnesty International published them.

Are you willing to condemn the MEK and its leadership?

Are you willing to spy on your former comrades

and collaborate with intelligence agents?

Are you willing to become a member of the firing squads?

Are you willing to hang an MEK member?

The MEK’s Secretary-General concluded by saying, “Owing to the sacrifices [of the MEK’s martyrs], today, the MEK is stronger, more solidified and more cohesive than ever before. It has become the beacon of hope for the Iranian people to overthrow the mullahs’ regime and establish freedom in our fettered nation. 

“It is not without reason that the regime’s leaders constantly warn of the expansion of popular support for the MEK and the role played by the MEK’s Resistance Units in organizing the uprising and the anti-government protests. The mullahs know better than anyone else that they have been defeated in every aspect of the face-off against the MEK, and that the day is not far until the Iranian people will rise up and toppled them. Indeed, the Iranian people and the Resistance, led by the MEK, will overthrow the regime and nothing can prevent that from coming into fruition,” ended Ms. Merrikhi.

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran-NCRI at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 202

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)

“The Shah, relying on his ruthless secret police, backed by world powers and superpowers, and clinging to his dream of a ‘great civilization,’ was finally toppled as a result of the Iranian people’s uprising,” said Madam Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), at the beginning of her speech.

“By the same token, the mullahs will be overthrown by the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance, the great army of freedom, even though they rely on their Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), and despite their inhuman suppression and massacres while clinging to their dream of establishing an ‘Islamic caliphate,'” Madam Rajavi continued.

“What has stood fast, firm and proud, and will continue to do so, is the Iranian people’s Resistance for freedom, with the MEK at its epicenter.

“We honor the great founders of the MEK,  Mohammad Hanifnejad, Saeed Mohsen, and Asghar Badizadegan who took the initiative for this historic breakthrough.

“How inspiring it is that Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi revived and revitalized this organization despite the crushing blows of two dictatorships, leading it to the pinnacle of its struggle against the reactionary mullahs. 

“Even today, we see that the clerical regime is admitting it in a thousand different ways that its main problem is the structure of the PMOI/MEK. So, it must be obliterated and beheaded to guarantee the regime’s survival. This is the common goal pursued by all the regime’s mercenaries. 

“Today, Iran is plagued with poverty, repression, and the coronavirus pandemic. Socio-economic gaps have never been wider. The suppressive machine does not stop for a moment in protecting the mullahs’ religious fascist regime. The regime’s judiciary has been handing down a barrage of death sentences. 

“Inspired by the sacrifices of thousands of PMOI martyrs, upheavals and rebellions have been sprouting across Iran. Uprisings are on the horizon.

“The regime’s treatment of detained protesters is similar to what it has done since 1981 regarding PMOI/MEK members in its prisons and torture chambers.

“The accounts of tortures of Navid Afkari and his brothers, and the double execution and long prison sentences for them have shocked and outraged not only the people of Iran but the entire world.

“Another harrowing incident which deeply moved our nation last month was the image of the young son and daughter of Mostafa Salehi standing on both sides of the poster of their father who was recently executed.

Activities of PMOI-MEK resistance Units inside Iran aired at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

Activities of PMOI-MEK resistance Units inside Iran

Videos broadcast during the event featured Resistance Units from different cities across Iran celebrating the 55th anniversary of the MEK.

“I am a Mojahed, hail to the MEK,” several resistance unit members said.

PMOI-MEK supporters in Germany at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

PMOI-MEK supporters in Germany

Vida Niktalean, Architect, Women’s Association for Democracy in Iran:

The regime has ratcheted up pressure against prisoners arrested during the 2019 protests. Many of the protesters are under the threat of execution, including Navid Afkari, a young wrestler. Mostafa Salehi, a worker, was executed last month, and the regime’s criminal judiciary has seized his home, driving his wife and children into homelessness.

This shows the regime is still terrified of the November uprising. This is why the MEK says we must sacrifice everything for freedom. This is the only way to free our people.

Hossein Yaghubi, Mechanical Engineer, Immigrant Convergence Association:

The MEK for us is the intersection of freedom and patriotism. The regime and its allies can’t tolerate this organization, and this is why it resorts to terrorism and demonization. The regime resorts to all sorts of excuses to discredit the opposition movement.

Mehrdad Harsini, Foundation for Development and Democracy in the Middle East:

The regime has seen strategic setbacks thanks to the efforts of the MEK. In every city of Iran, we’re seeing the people rise up against the regime. There’s also new momentum to impose sanctions against the regime. This has been a longstanding demand of the Iranian Resistance. Protecting the interests of the Iranian people is closely tied to the policies of the Iranian Resistance.

There’s a precedence for this. If it weren’t for the brave efforts of Massoud Rajavi, the regime would have killed millions of youth in the war with Iraq. If it wasn’t for the efforts of the MEK, the dictatorship ruling Iran would also be armed with a nuclear weapon.

Hail to Massoud Rajavi for his strategic perspective and devotion to freedom in Iran. The people of Iran don’t want war, repression, and terrorism. Iran will surely be freed with the Resistance Units and the Iranian Resistance. 

PMOI-MEK supporters in the U.S. at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

PMOI-MEK supporters in the U.S.

Homeira Hesami, Iranian Community of Texas, Dallas:

The truth is that no party other than the PMOI/MEK has strived to protect Iran’s resources and the rights of the Iranian people. Peace in the region and freedom for our people can only be guaranteed with the opposition movement.

The MEK is a treasure that belongs to all the Iranian people. The founders of the MEK discovered the science of the struggle for freedom and wrote it and taught it to others. 

The mullahs are constantly calling on the MEK to give up their ideals and go after their lives. We supporters of the MEK also consider ourselves full-time devotees to this cause. This is why the regime constantly targets the MEK and its supporters.

During the coronavirus pandemic, Mr. Rajavi has laid out the solution: Disband the IRGC and use its enormous financial resources to support the people. Obviously, the regime will not do that because it knows that without its repressive IRGC, it will be quickly swept away by the people.

Soulmaz Abu Ali, Ph.D. in International Relations, Professor at George Mason University, Iranian Community in Virginia:

I left Iran when I was very young. We had to leave the country because my parents were supporters of the MEK. The MEK deeply believes in their ideals, and gender equality. The democratic Islam of the MEK is totally different from the fundamentalist views of the mullahs. They represent Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan. They believe in free elections, freedom of women, the abolishment of the death penalty, and a non-nuclear Iran.
The MEK has put aside everything for the freedom of the Iranian people. The sacrifices they have made, the pressure they have endured, all this persistence is due to their faith in freedom in Iran.
Is there anyone else who is so devoted? Our country is thirsty for freedom. We will take back our country from the criminal mullahs.

Kazem Kazerunian, Mechanical Engineer, Professor at the University of Connecticut and Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Iranian Community of Connecticut:

The MEK is the most revered national treasure of our people. The mullahs stole the 1979 revolution to establish one of the worst dictatorships in contemporary history. If this resistance movement did not exist, where would Iran stand today? How could we lift our heads as Iranians?

We can only appreciate the MEK if we consider for a minute what would happen if they did not exist. They have established human values such as working together, sacrificing everything, and devoting their lives to freedom.

The regime is trying to cause despair among the people. But the Resistance Units, through their efforts, are keeping the flame of resistance alive.

Ahmad Moeinmanesh, Senior Electronic Test Engineer, Executive Director of Iranian American Community of Northern California:

Massoud Rajavi once said that freedom will not be given to us for free. We must pay the price. He is the prime example of who has paid the price of freedom in full. He has not backed down on the rights of the Iranian people one bit. This is why the regime and its allies have such enmity towards him.
It has been 40 years that the MEK has single-handedly continued the resistance and struggle for freedom against the regime. They have set an example for all the people.

PMOI-MEK supporters in Sweden at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

PMOI-MEK supporters in Sweden

Hanifeh Khayeri, Researcher, Iran Human Rights Foundation:

My mother was a member of the MEK. She died during the NLA’s Operation Eternal Light in 1988. I support this organization because it has values that are found nowhere else. They have all gathered for a common cause: freedom for the people of Iran. I haven’t seen similar potential anywhere else in the world.
We are all on the same path. Iran is one of several dictatorships in the world. But the Iranian people have an organized opposition movement that has stood for 55 years and has only grown stronger and firmer in their ideals.

Behrooz Partovi, Iranian Kurdish activist:

The MEK is the result of several generations of resistance and struggle for freedom in Iran. The founders of MEK established a movement that has shown its righteousness throughout the decades. The MEK has relied on the Iranian people to stand against the mullahs’ regime. They did not bow down to the mullahs. They protected the rights of the people at the price of being beaten, imprisoned, and tortured by the regime’s thugs.

They continued their resistance after the regime opened fire on their peaceful demonstrations and launched a wave of slaughter. Anyone who is serious about fighting against the Iranian regime will align with MEK and the NCRI.

Hossein Pishkar, Communications Engineer, Association of Professionals in Southern Sweden:

The situation in Iran is ready for a revolution and the overthrow of the regime. The society is in an explosive state. The people have made it clear in their slogans that they want to topple the regime. This confirms the MEK strategy and the role of the Resistance Units for the overthrow of the regime.
The role of the MEK in the past four decades in the struggle against the regime is unrivaled. The MEK has gone through the most difficult trials and tribulations but they have not backed down from the rights of their people.
The MEK continues to pay the price for the freedom of the Iranian people, and this is why the people trust them. It is the persistence of the MEK on their principles and ideals that give me and other Iranians confidence that they are truly devoted to bringing freedom and equality to Iran.

Fereydoon Anusheh, Poet, Sweden:

The MEK is the main force of resistance against the mullahs’ regime. Every noble Iranian knows this and appreciates the value of this resistance movement. The NCRI is the sole alternative to the Iranian regime. Resistance Units have bravely paved the way for nationwide protests and are the torchbearers of resistance against the regime inside Iran. It is the duty of every noble Iranian to support the Resistance Units and their leading organization, the MEK.

PMOI-MEK supporters in England-London at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

PMOI-MEK supporters in England-London

Hassan Zabeti, British-Iranian Businessmen Association – London:

Massoud Rajavi has been steadfast in his goal for freedom in Iran. This is why the regime hates him so much and the members and supporters of MEK love him.
I have always been witness to the financial support the people of Iran have bestowed on the MEK. Nowhere in the world do people trust an organization like the people of Iran trust the MEK.
I know businessmen, engineers, employees, and others, who devote their entire income to the cause of the MEK. They do so because they know the MEK wants nothing for themselves. They’re not corrupt. Everything they have is for the fight for the freedom of the people of Iran.
Nowhere in the world will you find such an organized movement. And this is what makes us confident and hopeful for freedom in Iran. Of course, the regime does not understand this because it is corrupt to the core.

Reza Rahmani, former political prisoner, Association for the Support of Political Prisoners in Iran:

I am a supporter of the MEK. I spent five years in prison in the 1980s because I was a supporter of the MEK. I witnessed the resistance of MEK members inside the prisons and under torture. The MEK is in complete contrast to everything the Iranian regime stands for.
While Khomeini tried to spread despair across Iran, the MEK gave rise to a brave generation who stood up for freedom and did not hesitate to sacrifice everything for their people.
What gave us hope and strength in the regime’s prisons were the teachings of Massoud Rajavi. We know that the MEK want nothing for themselves. They want everything for their people. And this is why they have stayed strong throughout the years.

Jamshid Peyman, Poet from Austria at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

Jamshid Peyman, Poet from Austria:

The MEK is an organization that has risen above hundreds of movements to struggle against the Iranian regime. They are devoted to independence, democracy,

and human rights. In its faceoff against the mullahs’ regime, it is without a doubt more serious than any other organization or movement. They have made sacrifices that are unprecedented in the history of Iran.
Today, we see the reflection of this organization in the nationwide resistance inside Iran. This organization has been subject to all sorts of conspiracies and attacks by the regime and its allies.

After the 1979 revolution, if the MEK had not stood up against the mullahs’ regime and had not paid the price of their struggle, today, the people of Iran would not be marching toward their victory against the mullahs.

PMOI-MEK supporters in France at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

Azadeh Alemi, spokeswoman for the Iranian community in France:

My uncle and his pregnant wife were killed by the mullahs’ regime. As a three-year-old kid, I witnessed the torture and pain of MEK members and supporters in Iran. That is how I came to know the MEK, and this is why I continue to support them today.
The ideals of the founders of MEK have continued to grow until today, and we see this growth in Ashraf 3. The MEK has given rise to a generation of women who have become leaders in the struggle against the Iranian regime. They are the antithesis of the misogynist nature of the regime. Today, women are at the forefront of the fight against the religious fascism ruling Iran, at the helm of the greatest and most organized opposition movement.
The regime’s propaganda against the MEK only strengthens our faith in them.

Zohreh Bijanyar, Iranian Women Association in Paris:

My sister Zahra was an MEK member. She was murdered by the regime during the 1988 massacre. MEK presents a new way of thinking about life and the world. We can see the righteousness of their path in the people who continue their struggle and do not give in to the darkness of the mullahs’ regime.
I salute the leadership of the MEK for remaining true to their principles and defending the rights of the Iranian people.

Amir Taraj, IT specialist, Iranian-French Association for Democracy and Laicism:

As the MEK continues to grow, the Iranian regime is faced with setbacks and deadlocks on different fronts. Its biggest problem is the brave Resistance Units who have kept the flame of protests and uprising alive across Iran.

PMOI-MEK supporters in Belgium at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

PMOI-MEK supporters in Belgium

Afsaneh Najib, G.P., Head of the Association of Iranian Democratic Women:

The MEK has set an example of remaining true to one’s principles and sacrificing everything for freedom. Iran’s freedom movement owes a lot to the MEK and its founders. This organization is the bulwark of freedom against the regime’s tyranny.
The MEK has placed women at the forefront of the struggle for freedom. They represent equal rights for all Iranians regardless of their gender, ethnicity, and faith.
This organization is the longest standing movement that strives for establishing a democratic state in Iran.

Soroush Abutalebi – Computer Management student, Democratic Association of Iranian Students:

The MEK makes the impossible possible, and they have proved this throughout their history. Had it not been for the MEK and the Resistance Units, the regime would have stabilized their hold on power. The MEK gives hope to everyone that freedom is possible in Iran, and that future Iran will be an example for the entire world.
The youth are drawn to the honesty and sincerity of the MEK. This is why they choose the MEK.

PMOI-MEK supporters in Switzerland at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

PMOI-MEK supporters in Switzerland

Gholam Vakili, Electrical Technician:

The regime claims that the MEK has no support in Iran. If they don’t have support, then why are you so furious that a TV channel broadcasts a portion of their event? Why have you produced 32 films and TV series to defame them in the past two years alone?
Regime officials are acknowledging that the MEK is a threat to their rule. The hundreds of books, films, and other things they have created against the MEK only display their fear of the Iranian Resistance.
I would also like to pay homage to Dr. Kazem Rajavi, who wrote the history of human rights with his blood. His case will not be closed until his murderers are brought to justice.

Neda Amani, athlete, Iranian Youth Association:

I am a football coach. I hope to one day help the women of my country reach the gold medal. I’ve spent my entire life in Switzerland, but I can’t stop thinking about the youth in my country. Before I was born, a nobleman, Dr. Kazem Rajavi, was killed in this country for being the voice of the oppressed people of Iran. The regime thought that by killing Dr. Kazem, they would shut the voice of freedom in Iran. But today, the entire country has risen against the mullahs.
We will continue to be the voice of our people and the Resistance Units. These days, we are raising our voices for Navid Afkari, and we will do everything we can to save his life.

PMOI-MEK supporters in Canada at the Iranian online conference in support of domestic protests for freedom, justice, and equality in Iran—September 5, 2020

Ahmad Hassani, Mechanical Engineer, Democratic Iran Association:

My brother died in the 1988 massacre at the age of 26 because he was a supporter of the MEK. Today, the Resistance Units continue his path.
The regime and its agents will not be able to destroy the image of this resistance movement. They will be held to account for your crimes.

Fereshteh Daneshvar, Accountant, Saba Association:
There’s only one organization that is seriously engaged in the struggle for freedom in Iran. It is the MEK. After the revolution, the regime tried to recruit my brother, who was an MEK supporter, by promising him power and wealth. My brother turned them down and said that the MEK does not want power. They want freedom. And the MEK have proven this in their history. And they will one day become victorious and bring freedom to Iran.

Shahram Golestaneh, Electronics Engineer, Democratic Iran Association:

These days, the Iranian regime, which is struggling with its crises, is resorting to any means to attack the MEK. Its efforts are focused on terrorism and demonization campaigns. Its terror plots have been foiled and its terrorist agent Assadollah Assadi is now on trial for his involvement in a failed terror attempt.
Its demonization campaign is focused on the organized structure of this movement. They use all sorts of labels to defame this organization. Everyone sees that the key to this movement’s success is its organized structure. The latest instance of this success was the recent Free Iran conference, which was held online this year. Such an enormous conference could not be held without having an organized movement.
The regime’s efforts are futile. I and other Iranians see it our responsibility to defend the MEK.





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