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Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner who is very sick, and is held in Karaj’s Prison, west of Tehran, has spent 23 years of his life behind bars, has found out that prison authorities have blocked all his correspondence with the international organizations. This has caused this prisoner’s illness to continue.

In his open letter he writes:

“In recent years I have written numerous letters to government leaders including the head of the judiciary, the country’s public prosecutor, Mahabad city court and even the Intelligence Minister himself, all in an attempt to follow up on my case through legal means. However, they all have remained unanswered for a few months till my family followed up on this matter. And we realized none of my letters to international organizations were never sent and my letters were apparently lost by Mr. Sigarouie. I had even received a letter recently from the judiciary, and that, too, was lost by Mr. Sigarouie. 

“If he had sent my letters according to the law, I would have been able to take effective steps. This is a shame for the authorities that a low-level official has ridiculed them and is preventing justice.”

Despite a request filed by prison clinic physicians, Nazari’s transfer to a hospital has not been approved by authorities. It is worth noting that Nazari was arrested in 1994 on charges of collaboration with Kurdistan opposition parties and sentenced to life in jail through a vague judicial process. Nazari had prior to this been placed under torture to confess to false charges.

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