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Iran: Uprising of Bakhtiari compatriots - anti government demonstration – No 5

People of Isfahan demonstrate and clash with suppressive security forces
Protests continued in Dezful, Ezeh and Ahvaz
A large number of people of Isfahan, especially the Bakhtiari community in Isfahan, staged a protest on Saturday, February 15, in front of regime’s radio and television center in this city. The suppressive security forces attacked the demonstrators with batons, plastic bullets and tear gas. Demonstrators confronted by hurling stones and putting up fires. Also, over the Khajou Bridge they set fire to three motorcycles of the repressive security forces. The demonstrators damaged the building of the radio and television center and broke the billboards and cameras belonging to the state radio and television. Demonstrations were so extensive that state media was compelled to confess to the demonstrations while attempting to downplay its importance.

News received from Dezful indicate that the city is still turbulent. People have set up barricades in the middle of the streets and as government vehicles pass by these barricades they hurl stones at them. Security forces have encircled the Modarres and Vali-abad districts that are the centers of the protests, but are incapable of confronting the demonstrators. In the Saturday demonstrations, the people of Dezful, as well as a large number of Arab compatriots, joined the Bakhtiari community.

On Saturday afternoon, following the protests, the youth in Dezful clashed with regime’s suppressive agents called NOPO (forces who obey the supreme leader) in Vali-abad and Modarress districts. Two of the youth were injured by gunshot wounds of the suppressive forces. A gas station in Vali-abad was set on fire during the clashes. Presently, the city of Dezful is under undeclared martial law.

Similarly, on Saturday, February 15, in Masjed Solayman, the protesting youth staged a demonstration in front of the governorate building and clashed with the security forces setting a number of vehicles on fire.

In Ahvaz, the courageous protestors expressed their rage against insulting the brave Bakhtiari compatriots by the mullahs by shouting the slogan of “we are all together and are an invincible nation”. There was a clash in front of the governorate building between the youth and the security forces and the plainclothes agents.

In Ezeh, following the protests of the previous days, people took to the streets on Saturday and expressed their rage against the anti-human mullahs’ regime. In the placards they were carrying it was written: “Insulting Bakhtiaris is like insulting the Iranian nation”.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

February 15, 2014