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Estimating Support for the MEK in Iran: Part 3

Despite the Iranian regime's effort to conceal the Mojahedin-e Khalq MEK/PMOI popular welcome, the people announce their support of the MEK.

The Iranian Regime often tries to spread this bogus claim that there is little to no support for the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside Iran. As we said in our previous piece since the MEK is illegal in Iran and support of them can be punishable by death means that it’s hard to determine the exact number of Iranian supporters, but there are some ways to estimate support. 

In previous pieces, we’ve discussed how to determine support for the MEK through their TV channel, Iran National Television (INTV or Voice of Freedom). We conclude that the MEK must enjoy widespread support in Iran because otherwise there would be no donations to continue the channel, no viewers watching it, and no visitors to its website. This is especially important when you consider that to watch the MEK’s channel, you need to use a satellite dish, something banned in Iran and potentially resulting in a fine, as well as the removal of the dish. Some have even been arrested for owning a dish. 

Now we will look at Iran’s anti-MEK television propaganda and you should consider why the regime would need to produce these programs if the MEK were an “insignificant group.” 

The regime regularly produces to defame the MEK, even a long-running soap opera. The number of TV series and films that attacked the MEK rose dramatically after the 2009 uprising, where the MEK led the people to the streets to protest a rigged election. Let’s look at some of these programs: 

As you can imagine, these shows are not based on facts and only show the regime’s bias and hatred of the MEK. They were even scared that their anti-MEK propaganda would drive more people to the MEK.


In our next piece, we will look at the 2009 uprising.