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Preventing the installation of T-walls to take more victims in future attacks on Camp Liberty

The Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran issued a statement regarding the Iraqi government Preventing the installation of T-walls on Camp Liberty:

Since the morning of Thursday February 27, Major Ahmed Khozeir, an agent of the Iraqi intelligence and criminal officer of Ashraf suppression committee once again prevented the entry of cranes and trailers to return T-walls insode Liberty and install them around residents’ residential trailers. He used the same cranes and trailers that the residents had rented at their owb expense to install T-walls around his residence. 

Ahmed Khozeir, who had the most important role in crimes against humanity in Ashraf in April 2011 and September 2012 and is responsible for the acts of inhumane siege against Ashraf and Liberty, is still preventing the entry of 2 by 2 meters’ bunkers that have been bought by the residents.

In another suspicious act, subordinates of Ahmed Khozeir especially an agent named Mohammad from the Intelligence threw stones at some of the residential trailers. The stones hit the roof and walls of the trrailers . Residents immediately went and complained to the police and informed the UNAMI, but the Iraqi intelligence falsely claimed that the residents were throwing stones and several policemen were wounded !

In an inhumane act, on Thursday the Iraqi sewage tanks that were rented by the residents to empty the septic tanks were blocked and moreover, the intelligence agents were harassing patients who were scheduled to to go Baghdad hospital for treatment and prevented one patient and two interpreters from going to Baghdad .

Preventing the entry of T-walls and concrete bunkers, simultaneous with intensifying medical and food blockade of Liberty and preventing the sewage emptying tanks, points out to the Iraqi government ominous intentions to leave residents defenseless against rockets and mortar attacks and to increase human costs and on the other hand, reveals the Iraqi government policy to make situation intolerable and create conflicts and suppression of residents.

The Iranian resistance, expressing deep concern about the fate of Liberty residents and reminding repeated and written commitments of the United States and the United Nations, demands urgent action for safety and security of Liberty residents. Intelligence agents and agents of the Iraqi Prime Ministry, not only are an obstacle to provide the least security and humanitarian necessities for the residents, but also are the ones preparing the ground for future massacres in Liberty.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

February 28, 2014


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