This article, parts of which were titled “What is the Iran Action Group, and Who is Brian Hook” and “White House using the methods of the MEK,” writes:

On August 28, 2019, a meeting was held in the United States’ “National Union for the Defence of Democracy”, regarding Iran. The US Foreign Ministry’s special representative for Iran, named Brian Hook, along with Nikki Haley, who’s the US Ambassador in the United Nations, attempted to describe Trump’s policies relating Iran’s current state.

Hook previously served as an Assistant Secretary of State for US International Organisation Affairs, during the Administration of George W. Bush; currently, he’s serving as the Director of Policy Planning and Senior Policy Advisor of Trump Administration; and as already mentioned above, also as Washington’s special representative for Iran’s affairs, which are classed under what’s known as the “Iran Action Group”.

In this meeting, Hook included the following points in his speech:

– Guidance Patrol (which is part of Iran’s Law Enforcement Force, and commonly referred to as Gasht-e-Ershad) forcing Hijab on Iranians

– “The oppressive nature of Iran’s regime”, and discrimination against racial or religious minorities

– 1/3rd of Iranians living in poverty due to the regime’s “mismanagement of economy”

– 1/3rd of Iranian youth currently unemployed

Hypocrisy of the authorities in the Iranian Regime

Hook explains: “Iran can now be likened to what the Soviet was back in 1970 and 1980, all because of the hypocrisy and sham of it’s government officials. They lie not just to their own people, but to those of Europe too”. Hook reminded everyone that on one hand, the diplomats of Iran’s regime plot a terror attack on “PMOIs of Iran” in the great gathering of Paris, and on the other, they expect all participants of the nuclear deal to keep their promises.

According to Hook, Iran has thus far spent 16 billion dollars a year for the support of paramilitary groups of Yemen, Syria, and Iraq, and around 700 million dollars a year for Hezbollah.

The tone in which the white house and the MEK members speak is identical

If one ignores Hook’s background, it becomes apparent just how identical his tone and that of a “MEK members” is. Looking back at the past before the PMOIs penetrated the White House, American politicians had never been seen speaking in such a tone, especially in matters regarding Iran. In other words, the footsteps of MEK, especially on the mindset of people like “John Bolton” and “Rudy Giuliani” is very clear now.

Hook’s interest in subjects such as Hijab and Guidance Patrols clearly stem from the influence of the regime’s opposing alternative, i.e., the MEK. Even Nikki Haley’s mention of ballistic missile debris in some of her talks about Iran, sounded much like how a MEK member would analyse a similar topic.

In summary, it can be concluded that the regime’s alternative, i.e., the MEK and their “close friendships” with some of the White House representatives, has certainly had a great influence on Brian Hook, Nikki Haley, and others alike, on a global scale.