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Ashraf 3: Those Who Entered, and Those Who Did Not

Among the speakers were people such as Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York, who underlined that the only answer to Iran’s regime warmongering and human rights abuses, is overthrowing it and this could be done by the Iranian people and the MEK.

The gates of Ashraf3 were open to all, so many reporters participated and met with thousands of MEK members. They saw the “120 years of struggle for freedom” museum, and whoever walked through those walls and pictures came to this conclusion that the MEK has paid a heavy price for the freedom of Iran.

So the gates were open, and MEK members were welcoming those who support them or journalists who wanted to ask them questions. Yet some so-called journalists chose not to enter Ashraf 3 and instead of interviewing current members of the MEK, interviewed the so-called ‘ex-members’ of the MEK, or rather paid agents of the Mullahs regime, in Tirana. These journalists, chose to disfigure the truth, deliberately call MEK a cult ignoring the huge Free Iran gathering and this obvious fact that to the moribund mullahs’ regime there is an alternative: MEK.

Iran’s regime is grappling with international and domestic problems, Mullahs know their relentless opponents, the MEK members, if not, why the regime spends thousands of euros to demonize this, as it claims, naïve cult?

Why those who seek the truth, don’t find it inside Ashraf 3, where anyone, who is not affiliated to the Iranian regime, could freely enter. To know something or to elucidate a fact, to shed light on the dark side of a story one has to go to the field and the heart of the problem.

So why these so-called journalists went to Tirana interviewing the so-called MEK defectors? By the way if these defectors are afraid of their lives and are true political opponents of Iran’s regime how on earth these journalists find their addresses?

Naively, these journalists, if we could call them, when confronted with the facts of their collusion with the most vicious dictatorship in the world, say that the MEK calls its critics paid agents of the Mullahs. Yet they don’t answer this question that criticism is different than allegation and there are better ways than repeatedly publishing them online!

If the MEK is such misanthrope organization why thousands join it, why its resistance units risk their lives and why the regime leaves no stone unturned to demonize it?

The truth is that the MEK is a viable alternative to Iran’s regime, has and will pay the price. The MEK will topple this regime and the only question that remains to ask those ‘Journalists’ is: after regime’s downfall who will pay you? What alternative you find to criticize? And your cult-finder GPS points at what party?

Soon you will face a free Iran, and then you will regret your choice of supporting the mullahs and will be ashamed.

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