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Ashraf3, MEK New Installation in Albania, Hosts Iranian Resistance’s Annual Meeting

These dignitaries are not attending an international Conference in Paris, London, or Washington D.C, they are attending the annual “Free Iran” gathering, organized and held by the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) & People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), in Ashraf 3 home to some 3000 members of the MEK, in Tirana Albania.

The three conferences began, the key note speaker of most of these event was Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the NCRI and leader of the Iranian resistance. Rajavi, among the strong emotions of the participants, members and supporters of the MEK/NCRI, called for regime change.

Mrs. Rajavi once again emphasized her ten-point plan for the Future of Iran, she assured that when the Iranian regime is toppled by the Iranian people and the NCRI and the MEK, there will be no death penalty, no nuclear program and Iran will be in peace with its neighbors.

This year event is particular, since 2003 when the NCRI office in France was raided at the behest of the Mullahs’ regime, there have been 15 annual gathering, and however this is first time that the international supporters of the NCRI and MEK voice their absolute confidence and support for the NCRI and MEK in the capital of the Iranian resistance. This means that they recognize the NCRI and the MEK as the viable alternative to the Iranian regime.

The audience is particular, thousands of men and women member of the MEK, who endured massacres in Camps Ashraf and Liberty, and finally transferred to Albania with the tireless efforts of Mrs. Rajavi and her army of international dignitaries.

Following the popular uprising in 2018 in Iran, various people and groups presented themselves as the alternative to the Iranian regime while speaking of regime change they warned and instructed people to stick to actions such as silent civil disobedience. The only thing they had in common was their hostility toward the most organized opposition group the MEK and the NCRI, and when it came to this all of these so-called alternatives voiced their support for the Iranian regime rather than MEK and NCRI and its president elect Mrs. Rajavi. Soon it was revealed that these alternatives were either regime’s handcrafts or scavengers which couldn’t tolerate Iranian regime’s brutal crackdowns.

The MEK, despite the continuous oppression and massacres, such as the massacre of 30,000 members of the MEK in 1988, has continued to resist against the Mullahs regime. MEK has endured hardships but never gave up. Back in 2000s Mrs Rajavi, spoke of her dream for a free Iran, since then she has been chasing this dream and paying the price for it.

The NCRI and the MEK have all the criteria of a viable alternative to the Iranian regime.

1- Women, in particular Mrs. Rajavi, lead the MEK and the NCRI, opposite to the Misogynist regime in Iran

2- NCRI and the MEK enjoy a vast support among the Iranian diaspora, previous Free Iran gatherings with more than 100,000 participants proves this fact.

3- NCRI and the MEK are organized. MEK has more than 3000 members residing in Ashraf 3.

4- NCRI and the MEK have a strong leader, Mrs. Rajavi with her ten-point plan for the future of Iran.

As the Iranian regime grapples with international and domestic crisis, such as the maximum pressure campaign of U.S president Donald Trump and continued protests inside Iran, due to poverty and mismanagement of the Iranian regime, the need for a viable alternative to replace this regime and strike a final blow become more vital. The NCRI and The MEK led by Mrs. Rajavi are to force to carry on this task.

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