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Betancourt Shows Support for Maryam Rajavi and the MEK: Part 3

Your victory is our victory. And we know that very soon we will be with you in Tehran and we will be putting the flag, the Iranian flag, with the flag of justice and of democracy

Betancourt’s speech, as it relates to Maryam Rajavi and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), will be the subject of this short series of articles.

Previously, we discussed the uprisings in November and January, where people called for the overthrow of the mullahs. Then, we discussed the Iranian Regime’s illegitimate and undemocratic elections, where Maryam Rajavi called for a boycott.

 In this final piece, we will discuss Betancourt’s comments on the MEK and how they offer the only true resistance to the wickedness and cruelty of the Iranian regime.

Betancourt said: “[The MEK is] the true resistance they are the ones conveying the truth the information they are the ones that have learned to as we know that are willing to pay the price for living their own truth for liberating their own people we have to be with them and this is the moment where we can honor by our presence and with our hearts.”

We have seen the MEK do this for decades, through the regime’s illegal nuclear program to their sponsorship of terrorist militias to their crackdown on the Iranian people following protests. However, it has been hugely prominent over the past few weeks as the regime defies the regime to reveal the true coronavirus death toll.

Betancourt then praised Maryam Rajavi individually, noting that she has inspired the people of the MEK to fight for gender equality, even in the face of incredible repression by the regime.

She said: “All these women that have learned to take leadership of this generation of women that come with Maryam Rajavi and that have shown the world that Iran or not the mullahs that Iran are men and women together and women in the role of leadership with the incredible outcome of having been able after all these years to prevail against the crime even the crimes here in our soil in Europe.”

Betancourt talked about the regime’s plot to bomb the Iranian Resistance’s rally in Paris in June 2018; a plot that was thwarted with just hours to go by European security forces.

She said: “Even with all the things they have done the crimes of terrorism, the MEK Iran is still alive and for the women of Iran this is the best guarantee that one day the rights will prevail. Because I have this profound admiration for Maryam Rajavi and her plight and for all of you. Women and men of this organization which I truly believe of the most awesome freedom fighters that we see today… I admire Maryam [Rajavi’s] message to us all today.”

Betancourt is just one of the hundreds of diplomats around the world who support the MEK and all that they do. These diplomats recognize that the MEK is the best hope to defeat the regime and to rule in the aftermath.


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