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Brad Sherman: I commend Maryam Rajavi for her commitment to a democratic Iran

He said: “Only when the Ballot Box determines who holds power, when both women and men can speak freely and Parties can debate, will the Iranian people be able to govern the country for the benefit of all.”

He said that the “secular pluralist efforts” by the National Council of resistance of Iran (NCRI) are vital to a democratic system that is good for the country and the world.

In his statement, he said that he wished he could attend the Free Iran Gathering in Paris this weekend but that he hopes the convention will receive the attention it deserves on a global stage.

Sherman, who has served on the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives for 20 years, has been focused on preventing Iran from operating a nuclear weapons programme and implementing an American foreign policy dedicated to human rights.

After the attacks made on Camp Liberty in 2015, a resolution was passed in Congress demanding that the Iraqi government provided adequate protection the Iranian political exiles.

He thanked the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) for exposing the nuclear weapons programme that Iran had been trying to keep secret.

He said: “I remain committed to ensuring that Iran does not get nuclear weapons. That’s why I broke with my own political party and opposed the recent Iran nuclear deal, I am sure that the Iranian regime will cheat on that deal and we will then move forward with new sanctions which will force a new policy and, hopefully, a new regime in Tehran.”

Sherman explained that the regime as it stands is not only a threat to its own people or even those in the middle-east but people all over the world as it funds terrorism through the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and indirectly allowing the spread of ISIS.

This is why he introduced the Iran Revolutionary Guard Corps Sanctions Act which would require the U.S. President to block and ban all property transactions by people who do business with the IRGC.

The Free Iran rally will take place in Paris on Saturday, July 9, and will show support for the president-elect of the NCRI Maryam Rajavi. Politicians and human rights activists from around the globe will be attending to show their support for the Iranian Resistance in their quest for a democratic Iran.



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