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Camp Liberty hunger strikers health critical as protest enters fourth week

NCRI – The health of Iranian dissident hunger strikers in Camp Liberty, Iraq, is worsening drastically as their protest to demand the release of seven Camp Ashraf hostages enters its fourth week.

Iranian dissidents at the camp have been refusing food since the hostages were seized during the Camp Ashraf massacre which left 52 members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) dead on September 1.

A Camp Liberty doctor said many hunger strikers had now lost up to eight kilograms were becoming increasingly weaker due to low blood pressure.

The doctor reported: “During the first week only a few had become ill from the hunger strike. However, entering the fourth week, many strikers are continuously ill.

“The average loss of weight among the hunger strikers is six to eight kilograms. Many have become weak due to loss of weight and low blood pressure.

“Two have fainted in 24 hours. There has been one case of heart pain, 15 cases of muscle cramps, 20 cases of digestive and intestinal problems and pains, 25 cases of severe headaches, which are incurable with regular pain relievers, five cases of eye problems, seven cases of failing eyesight and 15 cases of sleeplessness.

“Among these cases, more than ten have been sent to the Iraqi clinic stationed at the Camp.”

The hunger strikers are also demanding the deployment of UN Blue Helmet forces to protect Camp Liberty from further attacks, and the return of 17,500 T-walls, protective vests and helmets.

They are also calling for an international fact-finding committee to probe the Camp Ashraf massacre and bring the perpetrators to justice.

The hunger strikers have also been joining by Iranian dissidents staging similar strikes in London, Berlin, Ottawa, Melbourne and Geneva to demand the release of the Camp Ashraf hostages, who are currently being held in a prison behind the Iraqi Prime Ministry building in Baghdad’s Green Zone area.

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