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Confront Iran’s terror attacks on MEK

On Friday, November 2, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), of which the MEK is the main constituent group, held a press conference about the Regime’s anti-MEK terror plots and how the international community could help stop them occurring.

This year alone, the Iranian Regime has been involved in eight separate terror plots to attack the MEK in Albania, France, and the US, along with a plot to assassinate an Arab dissident in Denmark. Thankfully, all were foiled before anyone could get hurt.

This is quadruple the amount of Regime-operated terror plots that the Regime planned in 2017, making a worrying increase. The reason for this sudden jump is likely the Regime’s recognition of the popularity and effectiveness of the MEK in Iran; especially given MEK involvement in the anti-regime protests.

Since the beginning of 2018, MEK-organised anti-regime protests and strikes have broken out across 142 Iranian cities and hit many of Iran’s major sectors. The Regime’s terror plots against the MEK, show how desperate the Regime is becoming.

The attacks
The Regime’s Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) planned to detonate a truck bomb during the MEK’s Nowruz (Persian New Year) celebrations in March.
In June, the MOIS used Iran’s diplomat to Vienna, Assadollah Assadi, to hire two terrorists of Iranian descent in Belgium to pose as MEK supporters and drive a bomb-laden car into the MEK’s annual grand gathering in Paris, where more than 100,000 people, including many foreign dignitaries, were in attendance.

The couple were arrested in Belgium, with the explosives in their car, while Assadi was arrested in Germany and sent to Belgium for trial.
France responded by freezing MOIS assets, expelling an Iranian diplomat from Paris over their involvement in the attack’s planning, and pulling their diplomats back from Iran.

In the US, two Regime agents were arrested in August for monitoring the MEK, with the intention of carrying out a “capture/kill” operation against MEK members.

While in October, Danish authorities arrested one subject in response to a regime-orchestrated plot to assassinate an Iranian dissident on Danish soil and recalled its ambassador to Iran.
It is clear that these are not isolated operations carried out by rogue agents intent on destroying the MEK, but instead were decided at the top levels of the Regime, as they involved four diplomats and the MOIS.

In fact, the MEK found evidence of a decision-making web that involves Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, President Hassan Rouhani, the Iranian Supreme National Security Council, IRGC Intelligence, Qods Forces and the Intelligence Coordination Council.

How to confront Regime’s anti-MEK terrorism
There are many ways for the world to confront the Regime’s anti-MEK terrorism and lessen the likelihood of it happening again and causing further problems.
1) Prosecute all Regime agents in the countries that they are discovered in.
2) Expel all Iranian terrorist diplomats and shut down Iranian embassies in Europe.
3) Use international sanctions against the Regime to restrict the amount of money they have available to finance terror groups and plots.

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