Shelton went on to say that while the US government keeps saying that it will move the people at Liberty, it is a disgrace that this hasn’t already happened, as well as a disgrace that the US has wanted residents of Liberty to renounce MEK, despite the US government being forced by court order to take the MEK off its black list, asking “what part of that don’t you get Washington?”

Shelton also showed dismay about the fact that the US government has turned to a terrorist regime in Iran to help deal with questions they are currently facing in Iraq, yelling “Washington, wake up!”

Meanwhile, General George Casey stated that he believes the Iranian regime has two goals in Iraq.  The first of these goals is to have a friendly and supportive government in place in Baghdad to ensure Iranian influence in the region. The second goal is to ensure the failure of the United States to help Iraq build a government that is representative of all groups in Iraq. He stated that by 2006 it was clear that the regime of Iran was helping arm Shia militias in Iraq, and thus directly responsible for coalition casualties as well as Iraqi civilian deaths, ending with “the regime must go.”

Colonel Thomas Cantwell spoke of his experience visiting Ashraf in 2003. He found the people there to be full of honor and integrity, and very cooperative with US forces. Cantwell stated that these people at Camp Liberty are still full of honor and integrity, and must be given their rights, finishing with “I will not forget you.”

The response to the hope for a free Iran and freedom for the people of Camp Liberty was mixed however, with General James Conway stating that he wishes he had more confidence that the US will free the residents of Camp Liberty and for other countries “not to wait on the United States. To do that, it may be too late” regarding humanitarian assistance records of other countries here today. Meanwhile, his college told the crowd “one day we will stand together in Iran.” According to Shelton, the goal is to “cut off the mullahs’ hands in Iran and to allow for a national unity government in Iraq.”