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Don’t believe Iran’s smear campaign against the MEK

Why? Simply, because Donald Trump has withdrawn from the flawed 2015 nuclear deal and the Regime feels threatened. Thus, they are lashing out against the MEK, which is part of the organised Iranian resistance, as they know that the MEK is capable of helping the Iranian people overthrow the Regime and then taking part of a new transitional government in Iran.

The MEK also has the support of those closest to Trump, including national security advisor John Bolton, who has spoken at many MEK gatherings in the past, and Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Guiliani, who recently visited the MEK exiles in Albania.

The Regime is terrified of the MEK because of the support the Iranian people have for the MEK and the fact that the MEK’s values of democracy and freedom align with the West, as opposed to the Regime’s values of suppression and censorship.

This is not a new phenomenon though, the Iranian Regime has long desired the MEK for these things, which is why the mullahs banned the MEK as a political party in the 1980s. This was not just a massive restriction on the political freedoms of the Iranian people, but also a death sentence for any high-ranking MEK member who did not renounce their beliefs.

In 1988, the mullahs tried to exterminate the MEK in a massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, including children. The Regime tried to bury the evidence and destroy the mass graves, but much of this has been uncovered by the MEK and sent to international human rights bodies. Despite this, the murdered MEK members have never seen justice.

As the Regime’s attempts to massacre the MEK, did not silence the remaining MEK members, the Regime turned to propaganda. They smeared the MEK with false accusations of everything from communism to terrorism, hoping that something would stick.

Ultimately, the MEK was placed on terrorist watch lists in the West, but this was not based on the “evidence” provided by the Regime. Instead, it was a way for the West to wrongfully appease the mullahs.

Still, the MEK was not beaten and fought hard to clear their names in court, even continuing to provide evidence for the Iranian Regime’s malign activities (i.e. nuclear weapons programme) to the West. Eventually, the MEK was removed from all terror watch lists.

The Regime, seemingly shocked that anyone could see through their lies, continues a disinformation campaign against the MEK, using fake news websites and illicit agents to discredit the MEK. This is what is happening today and Western governments and their citizens should see this campaign for what it is: a blatant attempt to smear the MEK, so that the Regime can keep its blood-soaked grip on power.

The Iranian people already support the MEK, as can be seen in their ongoing, nationwide uprising. The West could join them and support the MEK in order to see peace in the Middle East and freedom for Iran.

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