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Maryam Rajavi called on the Canadian Government to raise the dossier of violations regarding Iranian refugees’ rights at Camp Liberty

The hearing was presided over by Mr. Scott Reid, head of Subcommittee on International Human Rights from the Conservative Party, and was attended by MPs from all three main parties.

The hearing was coincided with ‘Iran Accountability Week, which concluded on Thursday, May 15.

In the session, Mrs. Rajavi underscored the Iranian regime’s threats in four areas; driving to acquire nuclear weapons, terrorism, meddling in other countries, and the regime’s systematic violation of human rights – an ongoing and particularly important issue.

Rajavi elaborated on the humanitarian crisis of Iranian asylum-seekers at Camp Liberty in Iraq.

Addressing the flagrant human rights abuses in Iran she said, “Despite the regime’s claim of moderation, the highest number of executions was carried out in the past year compared to the recent quarter-century. Political prisoners in Evin prison were brutally attacked last month, and the mullahs intensified their attacks on Ashraf and Liberty. Under such conditions, Canada’s support for human rights, especially in regard to freedom and resistance in Iran is more important than ever.”

Rajavi asked the Canadian MPs to urge their government to raise the dossier of violations of the rights of Iranian dissidents at Camp Liberty by the Government of Iraq at the Third Committee of the United Nations General Assembly.

According to Rajavi the situation at Camp Liberty is the other side of the coin of repression, suppression and political crisis in Iran.


 “The Iranian regime, engulfed in political, economic and international crises considers the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, which is the main force for change in Iran, as a serious threat to its rule. It therefore spares no opportunity to attack this organization, and hence the Liberty residents are the main target of the regime’s savageries,” she said.


Pointing out the deadly consequences of repeated attacks by the Iraqi government on camps Ashraf and Liberty at the behest of the Iranian regime, she asked the Canadian government to take the lead in providing protection for the residents of Liberty in order to avoid another Srebrenica.


Mrs. Rajavi explained that the insecure situation in Iraq poses a serious threat to the residents’ safety and security.


She regarded an independent international investigation into the September 1st massacre at Ashraf, which left 52 residents killed and seven others taken hostage, as the first indispensible step to maintain the residents’ security.  


Rajavi also called the Canadian government to actively engage in the resettlement issue by admitting more refugees, providing needs and covering expenses of Liberty residents’ resettlement, and assisting countries in admitting more refugees.



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