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Estimating Support for the MEK in Iran: Part 7

Iranians diaspora, MEK and NCRI supporters rise in support of Iran protests

Here, we will look at the anti-MEK propaganda, which is put out by the regime every single day.

After the 2009 uprising, the mullahs organized a whole host of anti-MEK exhibitions, mainly in schools to indoctrinate young people against the MEK. Over 120 of them were held in 36 Iranian cities between April 2010 and December 2012.

One specific example is that of the “Basirat Exhibition” at Mashhad University in June 2011, which fabricated the history of MEK violence. While in November 2010, at the 17th annual festival of Press and News Agencies, the Habilian Association sponsored an exhibition that presented information on the old MEK and the “new hypocrisy (the green hypocrisy)”, distributing photographs, posters, and software products.

The anti-MEK exhibitions petered off in 2013, but do still happen on occasions.

Another way that the regime tried to diminish the MEK’s popularity among young people is through “show trials” at universities, which are said to show the MEK’s true nature as “potential enemies of the Islamic Republic”, but the MEK have never hidden their hatred for the regime and their wish to overthrow the mullahs in favor of a democratically-elected government. This means that the regime, again, had to resort to lies.

However, the favored way for the Iranian Regime to attack the MEK is through the regime’s organizations, whose sole purpose is to disseminate negative propaganda about the MEK. These include the aforementioned Habilian Association, the Nejat Association with a branch in each of Iran’s provinces, the Edalat [justice] Association, and the ironically named Association for Victims of Violence.

These organizations will hold anti-MEK events and hand out anti-MEK literature from leaflets to literally hundreds of books filled with nothing but lies and nonsense.

Of course, the fastest way to get misinformation into the hands (and more importantly minds) of the general public is through the use of the internet.

The Iranian regime has several propaganda websites whose sole focus is the give out false information about the MEK to dissuade Iranians from supporting them, which rarely works, and convince the world to appease the regime, which unfortunately works a lot.

Here we will provide a list of some of the websites to watch out for, but remember that the Iranian state-run media is also basically an anti-MEK propaganda echo chamber.

The Regime’s propaganda sites:

  • Iran-Interlink.org
  • org
  • com
  • org
  • org
  • com
  • blogspot.co.uk
  • com
  • blogfa.com
  • net
  • com

One might rightly ask if the MEK is such a non-entity, why would the regime spend so much money to attack them?

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