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European Parliamentarians condemn the Iran’s human rights abuses

Since Hassan Rouhani took office three years ago many had hope for a better Iran, however this hope fell short, as Rouhani’s time in office has been stained by the purging of dissidents. Subsequently, the theocratic regime has executed 2,400 people in the past three years in Iran, the highest number of executions in the past 25 years. Iran currently has the highest number of executions per capita in the world. Moreover, many of the people being executed are political dissidents, whose only crime has been wanting a free Iran. Juvenile execution, as well as the execution of religious minorities   and ethnic minorities has also increased in Iran, as the Baha’i community has become a prime target of the theocratic regime. 

Besides executions the Islamic Republic has taken up draconic torture methods, as a way of trying to “correct” the restless populace. Such torture methods include flogging, which has become a regular sentence for those charged in Iran’s revolutionary courts. Women in particularly have fallen victim to such abuse, as they’ve grown restless of the constant censorship, criminalization of Western culture and repressive Islamic dress codes, leading many women to voice their concern and dissent against the theocratic regime. Accordingly, floggings have become a common sentence for women caught violating Islamic dress codes, or partaking in parties or gathers with the opposite sex. 

Moreover, at the end of May 2016, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights reported “the outrageous flogging of up to 35 young men and women in Iran” whose only crime was attending a graduation party, and for doing so were given 99 lashes. Thus, on July 9th, in Paris a rally well be held supporting a “Free Iran” and many world leaders, politicians and parliamentarians, including various MPs from the European Parliament will attend this rally, to support a free and just Iran. 


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