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Exclusive Interview with Dr. Hassan Jazayeri, a Medical Doctor Tending to Needs of the Hunger Strikers at Camp Liberty, Iraq

Dr. Hassan Jazayeri

Hassan Jazayeri is a doctor tending to the needs of the hunger strikers at Camp Liberty, Iraq, place of residence of Iranian opposition, members of the People’s Mojahedin Oranization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).  He recently sat down with Iran News Update and gave us a detailed report on the health conditions of the residents participating in the global hunger striker. Jazayeri like many is very worried for the continued health of these individuals and the likelihood of further complications.

Read Dr. Jazayeri’s full report below:

Most of the hunger strikers have lost more than 15kgs of weight, and the weight-loss process continues. Based on the diagnosis of our medical team, most of the men and women who are on hunger strike have lost 20 percent of their weight. If this number reaches 40 percent, the symptoms and damages will become irreversible. At 50 percent, they can no longer be alive.

Almost all of the hunger strikers are suffering from sleep disturbance, headache and dizziness, blurred vision, urinary frequencies, loss of hearing, muscle, bone and joint pains, lack of concentration and memory loss.

Their blood pressure is low and they suffer from fainting and extreme dizziness, and we must inject them with serum transfusions. The doctors have requested that they end their hunger strike, but unfortunately, the medical team was not successful in this regard. None of them are willing to stop their hunger strike.

The lives of several of these people are in danger, especially among the female hunger strikers. A week ago, 30 year old Sabrieh Shafabeen was sent to a Bagdad hospital with chest pains and it is suspected that she has ischemic heart disease.

Mr. Mohammad Reza Khaleghi sustained a tachycardia attack and his heart-rate reached 160. If our medical team had not been there immediately to treat him, he could’ve died.

I’m surprised that the United States and the United Nations have taken no action to solve the issue of the hunger strikers, whose lives are in danger, and any moment they might face sudden death. Aren’t the hostages and the hunger strikers in Liberty prison entitled to Human Rights? Each and every one of them was recognized as asylum seekers by the UNHCR and Mr. Gutierrez acknowledged this issue in different statements.

As a doctor who constantly monitors the conditions of the hunger strikers, I warn the public opinion that if the demands of these people aren’t paid attention to, we will be facing a human catastrophe.

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