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former UN envoy to Baghdad: Iraqi Government massacred the Iranian dissidents in Camp Ashraf

Taher Boumedra, who has been in charge of Camp Ashraf file in Iraq, said it was not possible for gunmen to have entered the camp without being detected by Iraqi guards, who must have allowed the killers inside.

He told a conference in Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe in Strasbourg on Monday: “I am very familiar with that place, I used to go through it every week and I know it is impossible for anybody to reach that point of the camp without being detected.

“I remember the watch towers around the camp which make it absolutely impossible for anybody to penetrate the camp without being detected.

So, for the government of Iraq to say that it doesn’t know what happened, I could tell you that they do know and they did it.

“And I could also tell you through experience because the previous incidents that took place in Ashraf in July 2009 and in April 2011, I was the person who did the fact finding mission and I know they already denied those incidents and later they admitted the killings in camp Ashraf in two instances. This is the third one.

“Why have they repeated the attack against the Ashrafis? It is because first of all there is complete silence from international community. They did it once, they did it twice, they got away with it and now they did it a third time and if we keep quiet they will get away with it, and I tell you that they will repeat it in Liberty.

“The reason they will repeat it is because the highest authority in Baghdad said as long as they are here we will keep harassing them till they leave Iraq.

“So it is the responsibility of member states and representatives in Baghdad to speak out because they know the realities. The USA also know the details of what happened. Keeping this quiet is covering up a crime against humanity.”


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