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French Judiciary confirms dismissal of case against Iranian opposition

 In September, Judge Marc Trévidic had issued a dismissal order. But the only remaining civil party in the case, an Iranian, appealed that decision.

William Bourdon, one of the PMOI lawyers, denounced the Iranian secret services’ instrumentalization of French justice by the Iranian secret services, confirming that the Iranian national died nine years ago.

The lawyers of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, William Bourdon, Thierry Levy, Bernard Dartevelle, Marie-Laure Barré and Louis-Marie de Roux welcomed the decision in a statement: “The court rejected the appeal on behalf of a deceased person, highlighting the outrageous attempt to manipulate the French justice system.”

They said they intended to file a complaint for attempted judicial fraud.

In 2001, the French anti-terrorism court had launched an investigation into the Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI), notably marked by a spectacular police operation in 2003 at their Val-d’Oise base. They immediately denounced the instrumentalization of justice sacrificed on the altar of political and trade relations with Iran.

From 2011, the magistrate Marc Trévidic renounced all terrorist incrimination in this case, only pursuing his investigation for alleged financial crimes that may have been committed by nine of the 24 people originally indicted. But he eventually ordered a dismissal on this too.

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