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German news website prints lies about Iran Resistance (PMOI/MEK)

The article, titled “People’s Mojahedin in Iran: America’s New Friends”, was published on May 11, but it contains that same lies that the Regime has used to smear the MEK for decades. They accuse the MEK of being Marxist or Stalinist, when in reality some Marxists took over the party when the Shah imprisoned all of the MEK leaders in the 1970s. They accuse the MEK of being “sect-like”, which is nothing close to the truth. They even accuse the MEK of having “no domestic support”, when the MEK is much more beloved than the Regime.

None of these should be believed, especially when Germany has actually cited the Iranian Regime’s propaganda against the MEK in the past. Of course, the article does not mention the Regime’s crimes against humanity, like executing 120,000 members of the MEK purely for their political beliefs, or its devastating campaign of violence in the Middle East.

Why now?

The popularity of the MEK can be seen in how they encouraged the popular uprising that began in December and is still going on today. This is likely why the Iranian Regime has stepped up their attack campaign against the MEK. The mullahs are losing control and more governments are giving their support to the Iranian Resistance.

The Iranian people are calling for regime change in the streets, the international community is slowly waking up to the failures of appeasing the regime, and the countries of the Middle East are fighting back against Iranian aggression. The mullahs cannot argue that they lead a stable regime, they are instead captaining a sinking ship.

The MEK, and the Resistance as a whole, actually also represent the legitimate opposition to the Regime. Far too many rebellions fail because there is not a democratic alternative in place, but the MEK has spent 40 years forming a democratic opposition that works with governments all around the world.

The Regime tried to discredit the people’s calls for regime change, arguing that the MEK wanted military intervention (they don’t) or that the protesters are only a small number (they’re not). The Regime is even hatching terrorist plots against the MEK is Europe and the US. The world needs to pay attention and support the Resistance if we have any hope for a Free Iran.

Javad Dabiran wrote on the Huffington Post: “The time of deception and demagogy about Iran has come to an end and contrary to the wishes of the old and new friends of the Iranian regime, the mullahs are now on the brink of the abyss. The elimination of dictatorship is a general concern. A change in Iran does not happen on instructions from the outside. For this change, the People’s Mojahedin rely on the civil protest to end the dictatorship and establish freedom and democracy.”

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