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German Politician Urges Cooperation with Iranian Resistance

According to the former European Commissioner, anyone who expected that the nuclear deal would result in a more liberal Iran was “naïve.”

Verheugen spoke about the importance of a political dialogue between the West and the Iranian Resistance: the People’s Mojahedin of Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), and urged his fellow Europeans to reject the Iranian regime’s lies, and recognize the Resistance as a truly viable alternative.

He called the inaction of EU member states with regards to the PMOI (MEK) members who are exiled in Camp Liberty in Iraq, calling their treatment, “shameful”.  Days before the “Free Iran” rally, the regime’s mercenary militias launched a rocket attack on their political opposition and injured more than 50 PMOI (MEK) residents of Camp Liberty, who were supposed to be protected.

Verheugen claimed that one of his earliest political activities was a demonstration against the Shah, who was the dictator of Iran prior to the 1979 revolution. He said, “I never thought that what would replace them would be even worse.”


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