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Giuliani Advocates for Free Iran With MEK

Former Mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani attended the Iran Freedom Convention for Democracy and Human Rights on Saturday, May 5, to advocate for regime change in Iran, brought by and for the people of Iran and the organised resistance forces.

Giuliani, a keen supporter of the MEK, explained that freedom, a beloved American value, was a bipartisan issue, noting that the attendees at the Washington convention came from both sides of the aisle.

Giuliani told the crowd that freedom was sorely lacking under the Iranian Regime, with the people facing restrictions on their religion, their clothing, and almost every aspect of the lives. This is especially prevalent in the political arena, as the Regime banned the MEK as a political group in the 1980s.

MEK members or supporters are subject to persecution, arrest, and even execution by the Regime. In 1988, the Regime executed 30,000 MEK members in just a few months and have not been brought to justice for it.

Things have not improved for the MEK in Iran. In 2016, a large group of MEK members who were living in exile in Iraq, had to be transferred to Albania for their own safety as the Regime continued to attack the MEK in Iraq.

Giuliani, who recently visited the MEK members in Albania, explained that now the MEK members were able to live without fear of the Regime’s rocket attacks, they were able to focus on bringing freedom to Iran.

The Iranian people and the MEK are desperate to bring freedom to Iran, something that Giuliani said was present long before the first Free Iran Grand Gathering in Paris.

Giuliani said: “I hope and I pray that it happens because freedom for any oppressed people helps all of us… there’s nothing that’s more important than bringing freedom and liberating good people like the people of Iran.”

Indeed, Giuliani pointed out that the ongoing nationwide people’s protest in Iran, organised by the MEK, was a sign of how desperate for freedom the Iranian people truly were, citing that many protesters were calling for regime change, which can be punishable by death. Despite the extrajudicial killings of 50 protesters and the imprisonment of over 8,000 – 14 of whom have been tortured to death in prison – the Iranian people are continuing their protests.

Giuliani praised Donald Trump and the rest of the administration for standing behind the Iranian people and publicly supporting their fight for freedom.

Giuliani said: “We got a president who’s tough, a president who doesn’t listen to the people who are naysayers and a president that is as committed to regime change as we are.”

In his speech, Giuliani predicted that Trump would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal – as Trump did on Tuesday – as the sanctions relief was only allowing the Iranian Regime to increase its military power and provide more support to terror groups, like Hezbollah and Hamas. The money was not – as evidenced by the protests – being used to give the Iranian people a better standard of living (i.e. providing healthcare or education).

Giuliani said: “The only people getting wealthy in Iran are the mullahs and Rouhani and Khomeini and all the people who cooperate with them. Everybody else is poor now. People who used to be middle-class and wealthy are now poor. And you think they’re going to take that from much longer? So my guess is this is gonna happen faster than people think.”

Giuliani then advocated that the only alternative to the Regime was the Iranian Resistance, including the MEK, led by Maryam Rajavi. Currently Rajavi serves as the president in exile and she has a ten-point-plan for a free Iran when the Regime falls.

As noted on the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI): “Giuliani made clear that this is an Iran worth fighting for and an Iran that he is willing to fight for.”

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