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Giuliani: We Must Support MEK

Rudy Guliani delivers speech at MEK rally

During this speech, Guliani called on the international community to support the MEK in their fight for freedom and condemned the Iranian regime for its abuse of the Iranian people.

Guliani said: “I accuse Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei and President Rouhani of murder. Not just murder but mass murder. How can we tolerate this? Four decades of mass murder and crimes against humanity in Iran. They have to go!”

He then responded to the Regime’s lobbyists, saying that the MEK is committed to freedom and democracy in Iran and that the world should support them to bring regime change in their country.

Guliani offered a three-part proposal to the MEK in order to help them guide the Iranian people to freedom.

He said: “Number one, we have to get the governments of Europe to stand up, to wake up, to reclaim their dignity and their honor. How can you do commerce with them? We all know they’re the largest sponsor of terrorism in the world. When you buy oil from Iran you are funding murder. Face it. And stop it.”

Here, Guliani gave the example of the 1988 massacre, where 30,000 MEK members were “slaughtered” for their political affiliation. He said the perpetrators should be identified, prosecuted, and imprisoned for life or executed.

He continued: “Number two, there is an alternative to this horrible regime of terror. This isn’t one of those situations in which we have the choice of deposing a horrible dictator and we don’t know if a more horrible one will come along. We know there’s something much better. We know there’s a group of people who have been fighting for freedom all their lives, who have lost the closest people to them in the fight for freedom, who are dedicated to it.”

Guliani explained that the MEK has grown and grown and that he felt an optimism around them, highlighting that other US officials, including Tom Ridge, Louis Freeh, and Bob Torricelli also support the MEK as the opposition to the Regime.

He said that the last thing that could be done was to be a witness in the Biblical sense, to know the truth about the MEK and reject the lies.

He said: “You can write and you can speak, you can organize. Be a part of it. And when you see the lies about us, stand up. I get attacked and my colleagues who will be here in a moment get attacked all the time in America… We’re going to be in Tehran much sooner than all those cynics believe.”

The MEK’s Free Iran conference was attended by hundreds of prominent politicians, lawyers, lawmakers, human rights activists and thousands of members of the Iranian Resistance, some of whom delivered speeches, took part in panels, and even helped curate exhibitions.

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