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Giulio Terzi: The Iranian Resistance is that alternative

He highlighted that Britain has resumed commercial flights to Iran and appointed an ambassador while the President of the French National Assembly visited Tehran last week and Germany announced plans to open two Iranian banks in Munich, to ease financial transactions.

This is in spite of mounting evidence that the Iranian Regime is not the ‘moderate’ regime that was promised during the Iran nuclear deal of 2015. 

Members of the Iranian Resistance stranded in Iraq for 13 years have finally been relocated to safety in Albania, having suffered constant attacks by the Regime and its Iraqi proxies. Deliveries of food and medical supplies have been disrupted, bombs have been dropped in their camps and for the most part, the West turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI or MEK).

Terzi said: “Those who have close contact with the PMOI naturally oppose the predominant push toward closer relations with Tehran, while those who champion that push close their eyes to the Iranian regime’s nefarious conduct at home and abroad and are notoriously ignorant about the MEK, its principles, its durability, and its relevance.”

He gives credit to the PMOI’s European members, various individual politicians, and Albania for ensuring that the opposition members are safe.

He asserts that Europeans pushing for expanded relations have not forgotten the sins of the Regime but are unable to foresee an alternative to the Regime.

The Iranian Resistance is that alternative, the Regime tried to destroy them during the 1988 massacre, tried to discredit them internationally and tried to downplay support for the Resistance within Iran.

He said: “It is clear that the Iranian resistance can survive and grow even when it is neglected by the world community. It is clear that it can score significant victories over the Iranian regime when given a modicum of international support, as is the case with Camp Liberty. Just imagine what it could do if the European establishment ceased their pursuit of trade with the current regime and instead put their full-throated support behind the democratic opposition.”

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