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How the MEK resisted the mullahs

Before MEK leader Massoud Rajavi was released from the Shah’s prison on January 20, 1979, he must have hoped that the people’s revolution would bring about a free Iran. Sadly, the mullahs stole power and Rajavi was quick to draw a line between the political and ideological views MEK and the mullahs.

In various speeches in the early days of the Regime, Rajavi defended “the Iranian people’s democratic revolution”, something that required great courage given how the mullahs regarded democracy and exposed how then-Supreme Leader Ruhollah Khomeini had usurped the Revolution to put himself in power.

In 1980, Massoud Rajavi truly delved into the differences between the Regime’s policies and MEK’s during a series of interviews, highlighting that the people of Iran did not want the “monopoly of power, murders, torture, stoning, flogging, and trampling of rights” that were evident in the Regime’s positions.

Massoud Rajavi also warned Khomeini about any crackdown on the MEK, explaining that the MEK had not fired a single bullet since the mullahs took power and that, for this reason and many others, it was wrong for the Supreme Leader to issue a fatwa against the MEK and order the Regime’s security forces to slay the MEK.

The MEK was nonetheless patient with the Regime in the two and a half years following 1979 revolution, as evidenced by Massoud Rajavi’s interviews and speeches during the time, but the Regime did not moderate one bit. The MEK was determined to do everything they could to postpone Khomeini’s onslaught and protect the Iranian people from his wrath, but alas, they could not hold out forever.

In a recent speech, Maryam Rajavi, leader of the Iranian Resistance, said: “Were it not for the responsible and selfless role played by the [MEK], and their restraint despite the regime’s murder of 54 of their members, Khomeini would have eliminated the limited remaining freedoms much sooner.”

She noted that Khomeini, who she referred to as a “monster”, was prepared to do anything to eradicate the MEK or any other group that posed a threat to the Regime, so the MEK launched a major revolutionary movement to promote truth, justice, and sacrifice, against an ongoing wave of abuses in their quest for freedom.

Maryam Rajavi said: “[The MEK] faced horrendous ideological and political obstacles, each of which was enough to terminate any movement as attested by quite a few similar cases in modern history. Yet the revolutionary, trailblazing, effective element that brought about change was Massoud Rajavi’s leadership. He led our organization and removed the obstacles on the path of freedom for our enchained nation.”

The MEK continues their fight against the mullahs to this day and will continue to fight tyranny until they achieve a free, democratic, and peaceful Iran.

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