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Hunger strike Day 74 – Berlin, Germany to Free the 7 Camp Ashraf hostages

Today the hunger strikers held a memorial for Said Norasi one of the 52 victims of the massacre on September 1, 2013.
One of the hunger strikers was taken to the hospital. This is the sixth time during the last seven days that someone has had to go to the hospital. Almost all of the hunger strikers have lost 15 kilos or more.


Day 73 – Berlin, Germany


Although the weather is getting colder the hunger strikers are not allowed to use tents and other facilities to protect themselves against the cold.  We are currently to get permission and permits for these things.

We have received written support from PM Rita Süssmuth and Gerhard Baum. Süssmuth is the former President of the German Parliament and  Baum the Former Secretary of State. 



Each and everyday for the hunger strikers in Berlin presents a new struggle and different challenge. Today, day 65 of the hunger strike, three participants reached such a state of weakness that the ambulances were called and they were transported to the hospital. 

The hunger strikers are suffering from several critical conditions to include weight loss ( more than 15 kilos in some people) and failing eyesight.  

Please help us and all our hunger strikers across the globe by signing our petition.  

The release of the seven hostages is such an important cause – which is why our supporters throughout the world demanding their release. 


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