The regime is interfering in the internal affairs of many of its neighbours and has a worrying presence across the Middle East.
Human rights organisations are also concerned about the abuses taking place at home. The people of Iran have been dealing with an increasing number of crackdowns and dissent is punished with prison sentences, torture and / or execution.

The United States appears to be taking the lead in increasing pressure on Iran. Numerous former officials declared their bipartisan support for countering the Iranian regime, including the former Mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

Iran is the biggest source of regional instability and is the number one exporter of terrorism and extremism.

Many have claimed, and still do, that the Iranian regime needs to be reformed. However, the current regime is incapable of reform. It has been given numerous chances, but there has been nothing to indicate that reform will ever happen.

Former US President Obama, like several of his predecessors, tried to reign in the Iranian regime by making concessions. Despite this and the diplomacy and the policies of engagement, nothing improved. In fact, the situation got worse.

The current US administration has understood that engagement and diplomacy will not work, and it understands that concessions only weakened the US’ position when it came to the Iranian regime. Therefore, it is heading in the opposite direction. It is taking a firmer stance with the application of numerous sanctions.

This is encouraging to the people of Iran who may finally have the international support that they have been waiting for. The people are becoming increasingly fed up with the leadership of their country and are calling for the overthrow of the regime.

The Iranian regime knows not to underestimate the power of the people and is justifiably nervous. It is vulnerable and exposed and the infighting within the regime’s internal factions is not helping.

Also, the fact that a viable alternative exists is putting pressure on the regime. And the fact that it has international support is making it even worse.
The National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) led by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi will provide the Iranian people with the leadership that it wants and needs. It will bring freedom and democracy to the country. Equality and a separation of religion and state, as well as rights for all, will be most welcome in a country that has been oppressed for so long.