Also on the previous day, Monday, February 17, four prisoners were hanged in prisons of Noshahr and Zanjan. The criminal prosecutor of the mullahs’ regime in Noshahr termed these executions: “lesson by example and terrorizing of others”. Moreover, on February 15, two prisoner of 23 and 37 years of age were publicly hanged in the Golshahr district of city of Karaj. On February 13, a woman by the name of Fatema Abbaspour, 45, was sent to the gallows in Roudbar after spending nine years in prison. On this same day, two prisoners were publicly hanged in the Kouzehgari district of Shiraz and two more were hanged in Mashhad’s Vakilabad Prison. Thus, since the onset of protests by the Bakhtiari compatriots and in fear of the spread of the uprising, the mullahs’ regime has executed 31 prisoners with the number of executions reaching 131 since the beginning of 2014. The Iranian Resistance calls on the international community, in particular the UN Security Council, the United States, the European Union, and the human rights defenders throughout the world to resort to urgent action against the group and arbitrary executions of this year that have taken on an unprecedented scale. Continuing and expanding economic and political relations with this regime and closing the eyes on these anti-human atrocities, whatever the pretext, only serves to encourage the persistence and intensification of the group executions and must hence be stopped. Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran February 18, 2014