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Iran: Authorities Destroying Remnants of Graves of 1988 Massacre Victims

Around 10 regime agents are present at the site and are continuing to destroy the area. Two tractors and a roller can be seen at the scene.

These measures are considered to be paving the path for the destruction of a number of different sections in Mashhad’s Beheshte Reza Cemetery.
Four different areas have been identified where PMOI victims were buried.

Reports indicate the Iranian regime intends to destroy a similar mass grave in the city of Ahvaz, southwest Iran.

Amnesty International posted a piece a piece in this regard in its official website, confirming the event and providing further details.

Amnesty has evaluated an image of bulldozers at a construction site next to this mass grave site in Ahvaz, while a large pile of construction material and trash is seen next to the mass grave site. The victims of these victims have taught from the construction site workers that the project intends to place cement blocks at the mass grave site to begin the foundation of a new building.

Amnesty International emphasized destroying this gravesite that contains the bodies of at least 44 victims who were summarily executed will be destroying vital forensic evidence. The opportunity for judicial measures and having justice served regarding the 1988 massacre across the country will be lost, the report reads.

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