The PMOI / MEK is no stranger to such attacks but the truth speaks for itself. The group has widespread support – not just in Iran where it is supported in every single one of Iran’s provinces – but also outside the country too. Many Members of European Parliament and numerous officials and former officials in the United States have voiced their support for the group that is working towards making Iran a free and democratic country where the people’s human rights will be acknowledged and respected.

The Iranian regime, on the other hand, has been supporting terrorist proxy groups and militias, spreading chaos throughout the region, destroying the country’s economy and neglecting the many domestic issues that need immediate attention. The Iranian regime is also responsible for a number of environmental crises and it is still supressing the people of Iran. The regime arrests, tortures, imprisons and executes political dissidents, artists, religious and ethnic minorities, and so on, and still regards women as second class citizens.

These are the facts so the baseless allegations made against the PMOI / MEK appear ridiculous when you look at the reality as it is.

When you dig deeper, the allegations are actually laughable and ironic. Ali Fallahian, a former Minister of Intelligence, played a role in the assassination of several Kurdish dissidents in Germany in 1992. He is currently wanted by Interpol.

The reason for the misinformation campaigns and slanderous articles that somehow get past editors of distinguished new publications is quite simple. The Iranian regime is under great pressure – both internationally and domestically – and it is running out of options so it is resorting to slandering its biggest threat.

The people of Iran have been protesting and holding anti-government demonstrations since the end of last year. It is very clear that they will maintain this pressure until the regime finally collapses. They are welcoming the U.S. sanctions on Iran because they know pressure is the only way to tip the regime over the edge.

The Iranian regime’s arrest of many dissidents and supporters of the PMOI / MEK is doing nothing but guaranteeing disaster. The more people are arrested, the more the people’s resolve strengthens. The threat of torture, arrest, imprisonment and even execution is not enough to dissuade people from supporting the main opposition group because they can see the greater good – the chance to live in a country that is free from clerical rule.