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Iran: Exclusive interview with Mrs. Maryam Rajavi

Hasan Muawad: Our dear viewers, God’s peace be upon you and his mercy and blessings. What is the common denominator between the

opposition in Syria and Iraq, and the Iranian opposition?

Has the Iranian opposition abroad achieved anything to recall over the years of it’s long activity?

Is the goal of this opposition to reform or topple the regime? These are the themes of our interview with the guest of

Point of Order for this week here in Paris, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, head of the National Council of the Iranian Resistance.

Mrs. Rajavi, first, you have recently expressed your support to both Iraqi and Syrian revolutions. There are those who

said that this support is not out of love for the two revolutions, but

you are using it as a tactic

to target the Iranian regime through its role in Syria and Iraq, is this true?

Maryam Rajavi: My greetings to Al-Arabiya viewers. I think that in all what is related to the region, there is only one enemy for

Syria, Iraq, and Iran and all other nations which is the clerical regime in Tehran.

The truth is that the Syrian people and the Iraqi people

are suffering from the dictatorship of the clerical regime more than anything else, and if it was not for this

dictatorship, Bashar Assad would not have remained in power. And if it was not for the clerical regime, the Iraqi

government would not have been able to exercise crimes and repression against the Iraqi people,

especially on the Sunnis, therefore, there are two sides to the same coin: First, the liberation of the Syrian people,

and the liberation of the Iraqi people. However the Iranian people remain linked with the removal of the clerical regime

from power; secondly, they depend on the ouster of the dictators. Yes, we call for the ouster of the clerical regime.

Hasan Muawad: In this context, Mrs. Rajavi, you had met with Mr. Ahmed Garba, former president of the Syrian National Coalition, and

directly after that meeting, news went viral that some members of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq

are fighting with the rebels in Syria and Iraq, and described that as a service to ISIS, what do you say about this?

Maryam Rajavi: There is no truth to that, it is the propaganda of the clerical regime. The truth is that our support is for the Syrian

people’s revolution and the National Coalition for the Syrian opposition and the FSA

and the Iraqi people, the people who have had enough of the dictatorial regime ruling. Thus our political support is on

a very high level for the Syrian people’s revolution. As well as the operation, which was carried out by our resistance,

will continue to uncover the interventions of clerical regime in Syria and in Iraq,

which led to the death of innocent Syrian people.

Hasan Muawad: Mrs. Rajavi, in fact, it struck me in the letter addressed to the Secretary-General of the United Nations to defend

yourselves from the accusations that you are fighting with ISIS, when you stated: How could we be with ISIS when we are

Shiites? Is it a Sunnis and Shiites issue then?

Maryam Rajavi: No, our issue with ISIS is that it is an extremist group that exercises assassinations and bombs shrines

of Imams and Prophets and displaces Christians.

This is our couse, and therefore we condemn ISIS.

The propoganda of the clerical regime talks about unity between the Mojahedin-e-Khalq and ISIS, in bid to

making this propaganda a tool for the attack

against Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization. This is not a fact, however our cause is not about Shiites and Sunnis.

We consider Sunnis our brothers and sisters. Islam that we believe in is far from the sectarianism; the holy Qoran says:

“O People of the Scripture, come to a word that is equitable between us and you.” There is also a far distance

between the Prophet Muhammad’s teachings and revenge, as

when the Prophet opened Mecca, he issued an order to pardon

his enemies. The ordeal of sectarian came to the region with

the arrival of the clerical regime. We believe that our

brothers and sisters

from the Sunnis are like our brothers and sisters from the Shiites and other religions. They should have equal rights

with others. We respect them and they must be partners in power in Iran, Iraq, and all other countries in the region.

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