According to the MEK supporters on June 1st, 2017, the Iranian regime has begun to demolish and flattened “Wadi-e-Rahmat’s Graveyard”, which was the burial cemetery of the martyrs of the MEK, who were massacred between the 1981-1988 using heavy machinery.

The perpetrators at the scene of this crime were 6 people, which they were removing the gravestones of the MEK martyrs and throwing them to a side, and then, poured concrete, with more than 10 centimeters thickness over the area.

In order to cover up the crimes scene, they have placed 12 gravestones on the laid new concrete site, to show that, it is still burial ground here, so later on, they could also eliminate these stones. Up to now, a surface of 200 square meters has been poured a concrete slab to obscure the martyred massacre MEK’s cemetery. So far, up to this day, they have demolished about 75000 graves and gravestones, and covered with concrete. The area of the burial ground of the anonymous MEK Khalq martyrs had a dimensions of about 7500 square meters.

Before that, along the same line of work, regime has demolished the mass graves of MEK martyrs of 1988 massacre in the city of Ahvaz. For this reason, regime began a construction project in the massacred burial area, and intended to turn it into a residential area. Amnesty International confirmed the news in a report posted on its official website Thursday, June 1, 2017.
Bloodthirsty clerical regime in “Reza’s Paradise” of Mashhad also committed a similar crime and sought to destroy the mass graves of MEK and resistance martyrs of the massacre of 1988 in that city. This action has begun with engineering plans, and the use of tractors, rollers and other construction machinery to cover the area of graves, according to the reports of the MEK supporters on June 1, 2017. The film of this action is a shocking and criminal act, has been taken by pro-MEK supporters on the scene. The regime’s mercenaries, who are doing this act are about 10 people at the site of the graveyard in the two concourses, which are located along the length. They are busy demolishing the site and working around the clock. There is also a tractor and a roller and other machines in the graveyard.

This action is leading to demolish several other sites in Reza’s Paradise in Mashhad. In addition to this piece, three other sites have also been identified, which is the place, where the MEK are buried. This action has shocked the people who witnessed the scene.

Prior to this, regime agents repeatedly attempted to break down and destroy the gravestones of the martyrs of the MEK in different cities of Iran, which in one case, they destroyed the gravestone of the martyred Mojahed Habib Khabiri, the captain of the Iranian National Football Championship team in the 93rd division of Zahra’s Heaven, Tehran’s main cemetery.

About a year ago, on Thursday, July 14, 2016 a group of regime agents, including Governor and Friday Prayers Lead Cleric of the regime in Qoorveh, as well as intelligence forces in the city with a number of bulldozers and loader had gone to martyred MEK and resistance massacre graveyard of 1981-1988. They had excavated 50-centimeter of martyrs’ cemetery earth, and had destroyed the tombstones as well.

It should be reminded, that families of martyrs and political prisoners were called to disclose the names of their martyrs, their tombs locations and the disclosure of the names of criminals, who committed these crimes against humanity. In this call came: Declare the names and characteristics of the martyrs in every city and area you are living and publicize on social networks. The biography and introduction of each of these martyrs is a great blow to Khamenei and his regime.

This call had emphasized the location of the graves of these martyrs as well as their mass graves. The announcement of these specifications and their transmission to the MEK’s organization and resistance is an indispensable measure for taking international action. A comprehensive tool for communicating public opinion through the media and social networks on massacre of 1988 is an urgent task for all free and fair Iranians.