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Iran: Maryam Rajavi calls for condemnation of arbitrary execution of 16 prisoners in Zahedan

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NCRI – Saturday morning, October 24, 16 political prisoners were collectively hanged in Zahedan prison by orders from mullahs’ regime supreme leader Khamenei to create terror and fright among the fed up people of Sistan and Baluchestan. 

As admitted by the bloodthirsty head henchman Mohammad Marzieh, revolution’s prosecutor general of Zahedan, hanging of these prisoners who have been in prison for a long time, was in revenge for a number of revolutionary guards killed in Saravan. He said, “These people were executed in response to martyrdom of border-soldiers in Saravan. They were affiliated with Jaish al-Adl grouplet, the Ansar and other wicked groups and this was just one retort to that night’s incident”. (Tasnim news agency, affiliated with Qods Force, October 26) According to the state media, last night, in the attack on a center of suppressive forces in Saravan, 17 revolutionary guards were killed.

This is while hours after these executions regime’s officials declared their ignorance as to which group was responsible for the attack. Hedayatollah Mir-Moradzehi, Saravan’s representative in parliament, told Qods Force Tasnim news agency that it is still unclear the assailants belonged to “which group. Information on this incident is still sketchy and no group has claimed responsibility for the incident”. Hours later this element said: “Governor of Saravan has declared that Jaish al-Adl was responsible for the incident, but until this moment this report has not been confirmed”. (Tasnim, October 26)

Ali Abdollahi, Interior Ministry’s deputy on security, stated: “No group has assumed responsibility for this incident yet and we are investigating. Meeting of Interior Ministry Council to examine this matter will be held on Sunday”. (ISNA state-run news agency, October 4)

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, called on the international community to strongly condemn arbitrary and collective executions of this morning that regime’s heads of political and judiciary bodies explicitly said were carried out with political objectives and to take revenge on people of the region and terrorize them. These executions are unmistakably cases of crime against humanity.

She added that silence and inaction in face of escalation of executions that have surpassed 270 cases since the election of mullahs’ new president, helps this medieval regime to continue and intensify its crimes against humanity. She urged referral of the file to the UN Security Council and for regime’s leaders to face justice for crime against humanity.

Mrs. Rajavi urged all Iranian people, especially people and the youth of Sistan and Baluchestan, to express their solidarity and sympathy with families of those executed.

Most recent report by UN Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, published on October 23, emphasizes that 724 prisoners have been executed in Iran from January 2012 until June 2013 and adds that the situation of human rights in Iran remains a matter of concern with no signs of improvement. Following publication of this report, Rouhani’s gang set aside its slogans of moderation and conciliation and attacked United Nations’ Human Rights Council with mullahs’ Foreign Ministry spokesperson saying: “Designation of Special Rapporteur on human rights is an insult to the great nation of Iran (meaning the religious fascism ruling Iran) and we do not recognize him.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

October 26, 2013

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