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Iran Media and Officials Admit People’s Hatred of Mullahs

Iran: People’s hatred of mullahs

The Regime considers the people’s hatred of them to be the main challenge facing their rule as it could lead to a new round of protests – not that those have ever stopped – and ultimately a national uprising like the one that began in December 2017. Let’s look at what the papers had to say.

The Mardom-Salari daily, which is affiliated with the faction of President Hassan Rouhani, says that this is the main problem facing the mullahs and could lead to a variety of other issues. The other current problems they said the regime faced, included:

  • members of the middle class emigrating to neighboring countries after buying property there
  • decreasing investment in Iran over several years
  • the non-return of export revenues
  • brain drain, which is a phenomenon where the brightest people emigrate to foreign countries for better chances

In the article, Mardom-Salari wrote that these were also examples of the public’s growing hatred of the regime.

The state-run IRNA news agency cited an unnamed regime official as saying that, according to an official poll conducted by the Consensus Center, 30% of Iranians want to leave the country.

Last month, the state-run Hamshahri daily wrote a piece that sounded the alarm bells over the Iranian people’s anger, saying that this was now a crucial point.

The piece read: “When people reach hatred, they only seek to destroy the target of their hatred. We know that Iran’s society is leaning towards mistrust. All social studies are showing such a trend. Iranian society is leaning towards a boiling point from their hatred.”

Abdolreza Davari, a former regime official, told the E’temad website: “The people are tired of the ‘principalists’ and ‘reformists.’ These two currents are actually viewed and considered as one that is only seeking their own personal/party interests and objectives. To say it plain and simple, the people are literally fed up regarding the ‘reformists’ and ‘principalists,’ and they should understand this themselves.”

Anyone familiar with the situation in Iran knows that the Iranian people hold the mullahs’ regime responsible for all their miseries over the past 40 years, knowing that the regime and its rulers are responsible for all the woes they face, from lack of basic freedoms to unemployment to disasters.


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