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Iran Media Says MEK More Dangerous Than Natanz Explosion

Iran's MEK supporters protests against the regime terrorism.

The state-run Iranian student news network SNN published an article this week saying that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) is far more threatening to the regime than the explosion at the Natanz nuclear plant because the MEK is appealing to young people as well as encouraging mass protests and resistance activities.

The SNN wrote: “The incident of destruction in Natanz was significant and thought-provoking. But we must be aware that much bigger destruction is going on, which, unfortunately, many are ignoring. It seems that the alarm bells that should be sounded for more significant and more dangerous negligence are still off. Neglecting the destruction of the youth’s minds, consciences, and psyches by the sworn enemy of the system and the revolution, namely the Mujahedin-e Khalq – MEK, especially through cyberspace.”

They noted that the Iranian people are not guarding the youth against the MEK, in the way they might with Natanz, and blame this on not be able to physically see the reaction taking place inside the minds of young Iranians. After all, the MEK has been calling for the overthrow of the regime for 42 years now.

The SNN wrote: “Every day, it magnifies the real problems of society and incites the youth to chaos and destruction. Every day it tries to insinuate that the culprit of the people being sacrificed by the coronavirus is the policies of the system, and it places the word “corona of the Velayat” in the society and becomes the word of the people; The enemy is trying to convince the youth that the cause of widespread unemployment is not economic components, not the wrong policies of the government, not the actions of Western allies and negotiation, but corruption and theft in the whole structure.”

But, of course, what if the people are well aware of what the MEK stands for and are choosing not to warn their children off because they believe in the cause? They are happy for the statement from MEK leader Massoud Rajavi, where he says that the MEK and regime are on opposing sides of a civil war. They are happy for their children to fight for freedom. After all, the majority of Iranians support the MEK and their quest for regime overthrow, so to assume that they aren’t doing anything because they don’t realise misses the point.

The Iranian people and youth aren’t stupid. They know what the MEK is about and to pretend otherwise is just denial. The MEK has always been more popular than the regime and will always be more popular. It’s just a matter of when the regime will fall.

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