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Iran Media Warns Regime of MEK Support

MEK/PMOI supporters protests against the regime in Iran

One of Iran’s state-run media outlets wrote an article imploring the warring factions of the regime to stop the infighting in order to stop the whole system from being overthrown by people and  People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The country is a powder keg right now, following 40+ years of oppression and bad policy by the mullahs coupled with increased international isolation. This is making the people restless and increasing the size and scale of protests, but it is also causing more infighting between the regime’s reformists and hardliners as they try to throw the blame onto the other side before the presidential elections in June.

The Mardom Salari daily wrote that “extreme dissatisfaction” amongst the people could lead to an uprising, led by the MEK, that could cause the overthrow of the regime, unless the warring factions come together ahead of the elections.

Of course, there are several things that should be noted here. First, there is no real difference between the reformists and the hardliners. Most of it is made up so that the regime has a so-called moderate faction that can be sent out to meet with Western leaders with the intention of extracting concessions. The very notion of any differences between them was rejected by the people of Iran time and time again at protests, as they chanted, “reformists, hardliners, the game is over”, which is why they boycotted the parliamentary elections in February 2020.

Second, the elections are rigged anyway in Iran, so why the need for unity? The President of Iran will be decided by, as in the past, the Supreme Leader. All candidates must swear unwavering loyalty to him before running anyway.

The MEK and their Resistance Units merely help channel the people’s anger into productive protests, fanning the flames of hope to keep the people warm through the mullahs’ long winter.

The people support the MEK because they are tired of the regime’s oppression and want to see a bright future of human rights for all and an end to the mullahs’ Sharia law.

Mardom Salari wrote: “The rival faction[s] should consider how we could control the rising danger of the [Resistance] Units?… They should consider a bit about the day when the sound of thunderstorms and explosions caused by social unrest led by the MEK sweeps the earth … Do they not know that the MEK in its networks incites the poor youth to take radical actions against the entire system?”

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