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Iran-Mullahs’ regime: Supporters of PMOI in prison are proud of their activities against the regime

Then, this website mentions one of these prisoners as an example and in addition to acknowledging the widespread activities of the regime’s dissidents even in regime’s prisons writes: “One of the prisoners is Gholamreza Khossravi born in 1961 in Abadan who was arrested for the first time in July 1981 and sentenced to six years in prison due to his connection and activities with the PMOI/MEK.

“But after his release he was not remorseful of his activities, rather, he continued his activities in support of the PMOI until he was once again arrested and imprisoned in 2007 in the city of Rafsanjan (central Iran) on the charge of financial assistance to the PMOI. In his confessions, Khossravi expressed his opposition to the rule of Supreme Leader in its totality and accepted having connections with the PMOI. He was proud of his enmity towards the mullahs’ regime and introduced himself as a full-fledged PMOI member. Ultimately, on 29 November 2009, he was judged guilty of Moharebeh and opposition to the government in a court in Tehran.”

This website has announced that one of the reasons of the attack on Section 350 of Evin Prison was the attempt of prisoners to communicate with outside of Iran and to deliver the news from inside the prisons. This news was daily and widely broadcasted in the media and the websites and resulted in worldwide condemnation and abhorrence for the regime.

Finally this website mentions its dissatisfaction about not executing such political prisoners and writes: “But the question that still remains in our minds is: regarding the obvious connection of these persons with the PMOI and the approval of their anti-governmental activities, why do the judiciary forces treat them with leniency and do not execute them? For the persons whose affiliation with PMOI and their anti-government activities are proven without doubt and even in prison they have not turned remorseful, rather they have continued with their activities and are proud of it, which sentence should be issued?”          

This article has been written about the attack on Section 350 of Evin Prison in which a large number of prisoners were severely injured and beaten by the agents of Mullah Rouhani’s government. The attack on defenseless prisoners of Evin Prison caused a strong domestic and international opposition and a number of political prisoners are currently on hunger strike to protest the attack. 


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