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Betancourt Shows support for Maryam Rajavi and the MEK: Part 2 

Ingrid Betancourt expresses her support for the Iranian people's struggle toward free Iran under the leadership of Mrs. Maryam Rajavi

Betancourt’s speech, as it relates to Maryam Rajavi and the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), will be the subject of this short series of articles. 

Previously, we discussed the Iran protests in November and January, where people called for the overthrow of the mullahs. 


In this piece, we will discuss Betancourt’s comments on the Iranian illegitimate and undemocratic elections, including the boycott called by Maryam Rajavi and the Regime’s denial of the coronavirus to boost the turnout. 

In the runup to these elections, Betancourt said that the mullahs and Supreme leader Ali Khamenei did everything possible to force people to vote in the elections, including covering up the coronavirus outbreak in Qom. (This helped spread the virus, which is why the death toll is now over 20,000.) 

However, Maryam Rajavi called for a boycott of the elections, saying that the people had cast their vote for regime change during the November and January uprisings, so to vote in these elections would be pointless. 

She said that the boycott would honor the 1,500 Iranians who were extrajudicially murdered in the streets by the regime’s security forces, as well as show up this farce of an election that barely pays lip service to democracy. (Considering that the elections never have any opposition candidates and this time was rigged to ensure an overwhelming victory for the faction of Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei by disqualifying those of the other faction, it’s safe to say that the curtain of democracy has been pulled back.) 

Around 90% of eligible voters boycotted the election. Now, the regime is denying this, but photos from the polling stations show that the regime is dramatically exaggerating its turn out. 

Betancourt said: “What are our conclusions first that we know that what with trying to read the results as they have done the regime is producing its own death there are it’s not possible for them to continue to lie inside Iran and internationally the Masquerade that these guys is into a fall what is it for us here in the western world here where we have freedom where we can speak first.” 

She then spoke about the consistent attempts by other leaders to keep negotiations with the mullahs, who are murdering their people. She said world leaders must respect the resistance and turn their backs of the regime. 

Betancourt said: “In Iran, the regime tries to silence the reality of the spread of the virus in order to have people voting, isn’t that criminal how can we continue to pretend we’re blind to what is happening? and today we understand that the  MEK and Maryam Rajavi are what the mullahs fear the most and that’s why we have to be in full solidarity with all these women that are here today and in other parts of the world with the MEK struggling to have the reality of what’s happening in Iran known by others.” 


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