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Iran: PMOI/ MEK controlling the cyberspace

“due to our special culture, we have not been able to fight-off our enemies the way we’d hoped, and have been heavily damaged by them thus far. With certainty, I can say that our enemy, especially the MEK, have a solid control over our cyberspace especially in association with Telegram. Those familiar with this group, would certainly agree with me”.  

He adds: “the subversive movements witnessed in social platforms today, root from the opposing organisation (MEK) to a very large extent, if not 100%. They (MEK) are present in most Telegram groups such as those of political and social forms. We may not wish to believe this but many groups, even the reformists and conservatives, are not safe from them. Their silent and cryptic ways of control have found their way to the houses of many of our authorities, even those at the highest positions. Even the children of many conservative officials have been impacted by this organisation, without even realising”.

Tehran Press also admits to the regime’s inability in dealing with the activities of MEK within social platforms and mentions that the head of the Ministry of Information and Technology (Mr Jahromi) was supposed to take certain steps to combat them,  but he didn’t; which may be because he’s either distracted or just given up.

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