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Iran: Regime launches anti-MEK TV series to counter mounting support

NCRI – The Iranian regime has launched a new TV series aimed at demonizing its main opposition the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK).

The 15-part series entitled Black Dream represents a reversal of the mullahs’ previous policy of a media blackout on the MEK.

The show’s producer has now admitted that the Iranian regime’s believe their earlier refusal to address the impact of the MEK was a ‘mistake’.

He told the state-run Mehr news agency: “It was once decided that the PMOI’s actions not be highlighted fearing it could only advocate for the group.”

The producer also admitted that most people were repelled by the regime’s efforts at propaganda, adding: “In this 15-part documentary, you cannot find a single person who will is affiliated to the Islamic Republic, because they will only be labelled as agents of the regime.”

The Iranian regime’s new TV series is being seen by observers as a sign of the desperation of the ruling elite to counter the mounting popularity within Iran of the MEK, and the increasing threat it poses to the theocratic dictatorship.

An joint investigation by the US Library of Congress and Pentagon published in December 2012 has noted that Tehran ‘recognized the MEK as a threat’ and stated that the regime’s ‘intelligence apparatus consider the MEK the most serious dissident organization’.

According to the report, even though the MOIS launched extensive anti-MEK psychological warfare, the MEK ‘remained a viable organization’. It said that in its campaign against the MEK, the MOIS recruited non-Iranians as well as Iranians for cooperation.

The Netherlands’ Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD) also said in its latest annual report that: “The AIVD has also found that the Iranian government has been active in its fight against the opposition movement Mujahedin-e-Khalq. It appears that Iranian intelligence has a European network for this activity and that it also is active in Netherlands.

“This network consists of former MEK members recruited by Iranian intelligence. They have been given the task of negatively influencing public opinion about the MEK through lobbying, publications and anti-MEK meetings.”

In the past two years, the Iranian regime also has held more than 120 exhibitions in its campaign to demonize the MEK.

In most of the exhibitions, which are held in universities across the country, Revolutionary Guards show videos and distribute free brochures, books, and posters with state-sanctioned themes against the MEK. The exhibitions are meant to discourage the ‘young generation, especially students’ from joining the MEK as popular discontent with the regime grows.

The Iranian regime also has been staging festivals across the country to brainwash the nation’s youth into believing in the ‘crimes’ of the MEK.

The events recently held were being focused on western Iran, where ruling mullahs fear the mounting support for the MEK.

Mohammad Aftabi, the general director of Ministry of Culture and Guidance (Ershad) in Kermanshah province, western Iran, said earlier this month: “This regional festival is going to be held in all the western provinces.”

“Events will be held on both stages and in the streets,” he told the state-run Mehr news agency.”

Organizers of the festivals said their aim was to, ‘familiarize the younger generation and especially students with the crimes of Monafeghin’ (the regime’s derogatory term for referring to the MEK).

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